House Season 7 Poster: A Case of Love Sickness

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You don't need to be Gregory House to diagnose the illness that will be affecting this iconic character when season seven of House premiere:

He's seriously love sick.

In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic this week, Lisa Edelstein laughed at the notion that Cuddy and House's relationship will be "smooth sailing" going forward. Still, the show is committed to making these two an official couple, which is made clear by the new promotional poster below:

House Season Seven Poster

House returns with new episodes on September 20. Catch up on your favorite quotes from the series NOW!

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I see a smug look protruding out of that poster.


Really, how many 'mysteries' can they solve without becoming redundant and boring? I think it's great that the characters and their relationships are explored. And if Lisa and Hugh are dating in real life, how mature would it be to 'LEAD A CAMPAIGN TO HELP THEIR CAREERS GO UP IN FLAMESQWRQK!!!@L!#@!' Pfft, please. It is a show, no need to be so dramatic.


House got robbed again at the Emmys tried watching Mad Men to boring for me. House is the best show on Tv and I have been watching since 1955


I cant wait for these two to break up! I'm so sick of the soap opera shit going on with these two and the rumors that they are screwing in real life. If that turned out to be true I would lead a campaign to help their careers go up in flames!


First time he smiles in a poster. Seriously.
This is good, right? Seems good. Can't wait for season 7!


Can't wait for season 7. Looks very interesting - hope to find out more about Lisa Cuddy, the woman who has captured House's heart.


House Quotes

People don't get what they deserve. They just get what they get. There's nothing any of us can do about it.


You save earwax.

Taub (to the patient)