Pretty Little Liars Clips: "Keep Your Friends Close"

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In yesterday's Round Table discussion, we asked readers what bombshell might take place on the Pretty Little Liars summer finale next week.

Might the answer be the discovery of A's identity?

Based on one of the three clips below, the girls are about to embark on a scavenger hunt that their stalker claims will lead to her. This might be a major misdirection, of course - or it might be the episode we've all been waiting for.

Watch the sneak peeks now and get excited for "Keep Your Friends Close."

[video url="" title="Keep Your Friends Close Clip"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Summer Finale Clip"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Mona vs. Hanna"] [/video]

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I am xoxo

i dont think they would make it as easy as that (mona as A), because if they do so, people can read the flow and the show wont be so interesting anymore...but right now i still dont have any clue who is A...wait n c...=)


Hi, is it possible for this site to post the "keep you friends close" promo? It's full of spoilers and OMG moments, and I posted a link and a description in the forum, but it seems not to work.
I couldn't find it on youtube, had to post it from ABC family
Thank you very much:)


i agree with David O she could be or could be working with Lucas or something. have to see. she seems horrible and i feel sorry for Hanna as she should be able to understand with the whole financhal situation.


There's something about Mona...could she know????


seems interesting


Pretty Little Liars Quotes

Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister.


You think the truth is this big shiny disco ball of purity then go ahead and try it. See what it gets you. Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I did. Take it from me you're always better off with a really good lie.