Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Keep Your Friends Close"

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Has your heart stopped pounding yet?

Following last night's summer finale of Pretty Little Liars - reviewed in detail HERE - fans are still buzzing over the major developments, revelations and cliffhangers that concluded the exciting hour.

The TV Fanatic staff is among those with numerous questions, and possible answers. We encourage reader feedback to the following topics, as we present the final Pretty Little Liars Round Table of 2010...

Will Hanna survive?
M.L. House: Yes. The more pressing question is just how much she'll change as a result of the hit-and-run. Will she be more fired up than ever to expose A? Or actually afraid to take further steps now that she's been so close to death?

Mrs. Northman: Of course! She can't die in season one! But I think she will be hospitalized...with memory loss.

The Barnacle: Probably. But you've got to admit: it would really prove to viewers that there are major stakes, and anything is possible, if she's actually killed off.

PLL RT old - depreciated -

Did Emily turn Toby in?
M.L. House: I think so. Think about the talk her returning father just gave. It was all about honesty and not keeping any secrets. It would be hard to blame her for taking those words to mean it's wrong to support a fugitive in any way at all.

Mrs. Northman: I don't think so! I bet it was A.

The Barnacle: No way. It had to be Jenna, taking the classic crazy girl line of reasoning: if I can't have him, no one can!

Is Ian the only "A," or is someone else involved?
M.L. House: There must be more to it. Remember Lucas and his muddy shoes? That issue wasn't even addressed on this episode, but there's clearly a lot more to that character than has been revealed so far.

Mrs. Northman: Is Ian really "A" at all? I don't think so. He is quite creepy, though.

The Barnacle: In the books - semi-spoiler alert! - there were two people working together. But Lucy Hale has said the show differs from the novels when it comes to A. I'm guessing she's referring to A's identity, but not to the fact that it's still a multiple-person job.

Who looked better with her blown hair: Emily or Aria?
M.L. House: I'm gonna go with Aria because she looked the most ridiculous. With her small face, all you see is hair! See for yourself NOW.

Mrs. Northman: Dare I say they both looked great!? Hello PLL meets Jersey Shore.

The Barnacle: I don't know. I'm still getting over the fact that the "blow tent" meant something wholly different than I originally assumed.

With the show off the air until 2011, which character will you miss the most?
M.L. House: Spencer. Who will I call over the next few months any time I need to know how many paces various destinations are from my apartment?!?

Mrs. Northman: Hmm... tough call. I gotta go with Toby. I hope he gets cleared of the charges against him! 

The Barnacle: Ella. Just kidding! I'll go with Alison. You can't argue that every scene involving a flashback (or seductive video) is fascinating to watch and analyze.

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Oh, I'll be pissed if Emily did turn him in. They would make such a beautiful couple and maybe Emily would not be as boring. I do love Emily though. I do enjoy the bisexual storyline since they are handling it perfectly in my opinion, but they need to find someone better than Maya. She is just an awful character and the chemistry just isn't there.


i'm going to miss aria and ezra's secret relationship they make such a cute couple :)


im gonna miss aria and ezra's secret relationship...and spencer she is blunt and to the point i love it...why does january have to be sooooo far away

Anna maria

omg, the actor that plays Ezra is younger than Noel! haha..he's only 24! In th show he's probably 23..7 years isn't much..if only he weren't her teacher..


I feel soo sorry for toby!! why would emily do that? I love him, he's sweet, and he looked cute this ep! I didn't like this new ian, he's ugly, fat and old...but even though he's creepy he probably isn't A, that would be too obvious..


Emily is my favorite, but I would have chosen Toby anyday! lol. I also like Aria's character. Her style is great!


Spencer is the best


probably lucy hale.but all of them are talented.i also like emily to ticked that it isnt airing until 2011.its my fav show and im dieing here!i need to read the books to keep my mind satasfied.
peace love bieber


how did sasha get the roll as ali if she is only 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


meh, Lucy has the best part, the easiest one to play. Out of the girls, with the little material she's given, I think Troian is the best, and she's not even my fave. But yes,Sasha is a great actress, she guest starred on House a while ago and she was heart breaking!

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