Ryan Devlin to Reprise Guest Role on Grey's Anatomy

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Ryan Devlin was recently dropped from the new CBS comedy $#*! My Dad Says. While being dumped from a show based on a Twitter account may not seem like a good sign for an actor's career, we can see it as a blessing in disguise for Ryan.

Devlin, also known for his role on Cougar Town, is headed back to Grey’s Anatomy, where he appeared in last season's finale, for a multi-episode November sweeps arc.

As the husband of Mandy Moore’s ailing character - Moore will be back as well this fall - Ryan will reappear in this season’s sixth and seventh episodes of Season Seven.

Mandy on Grey's

Ryan Devlin and Mandy Moore on Grey's Anatomy. [Photo: ABC]

Devlin's arc is slated to air on October 28 and November 4). It’s unclear if Moore will be in one or two episodes when she returns as well, although it would make sense.

Are you excited to see these Grey's Anatomy guest stars again? What brings them back to Seattle Grace? Comments and theories are welcome below.

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I think it was awesome the Mandy Moore came on Grey's. Because she can show that her fan that she back


Ditto, Anja :) All I gotta say is the finale was a REALLY GOOD FINALE in that there are a ton of things to heal, put to rights, disentangle. Lexie's going to have a breakdown... a hot psychologist is going to treat people for PTSD.... (although someone made a good point about "where's Dr. Wyatt?") Do y'all (I'm from Texas and I get to say "y'all") get a bunch of extra info on Facebook or Twitter or what? I tried Facebook but it really made my ADD flare up :) But it really did.


We barely saw Bill. Will he have longer on screen this time?




Love it that greys is bringing back Bill and Mary. Since they arent going to be appearing on the show until episodes six and seven, i think that there coming back will emphasize the impact of the shooting and that all the doctors lives are changed forever. The return of these two characters will be especially difficult for bailey and it will interesting to see how she handles the situation because there is no escaping the events that happened with the shooting.


I'm disappointed to see this couple return this season because I feel like it's a ploy to play on Bailey's emotions from the trauma she experienced. We don't need ploys - these people were traumatized and that will show throughout the season without big hints if written properly. We don't need to see Bailey "face dealing with this couple" to understand her pain - a doctor died in her arms...she will never be the same again. Just my two cents :)


I'm glad they are coming back as a couple, hope Mary and Bill's visit will be better then last time. Mary was a brave lady, I know I would have screamed when Mr Clark pulled the blanket back off my face, she just layed there playing dead, that would of been hard, Mandy Moore did such a great job, she should have been nominated for an emmy. Big question would be is Bailey going to be Mary's doctor again, knowing how much seeing Dr Charles Percy dying affected Bailey. I'm looking forward to seeing how this storyline plays out. Counting down the days to September 23.

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