Stephen Collins to Guest Star on Brothers & Sisters

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Stephen Collins is coming to Brothers & Sisters for a potential multiple-episode story arc as a new love interest for one of the main characters. Want to guess which?


Ron Rifkin's beloved uncle to Kevin, Tommy, Justin, Kitty and Sarah will be getting his first romantic story in five seasons - and after we've learned he's HIV positive.

How do you think Saul meets the new man in his life? With a year having past between the season premiere and last season's finale, there are infinite possibilities.

Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins has become an ABC fixture.

No word yet on how long Stephen's character will be around, but it could be for several episodes. You won't have a problem getting your fix of him elsewhere, though.

He was recently promoted to series regular on the new ABC series No Ordinary Family. That followed a role as Addison's (Kate Walsh) father on Private Practice.

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OMG its ric from seventh heaven...i can picture him being gay. hahah this is going to exciting to watch!


The web site says: "With a year having past between the season premiere and last season's finale..." The word in this sentence is "passed", not "past".


i like this piece of news very much. hope we get some tongue and if my prayers to god are answered we will get to seee some male ass. i don't care who's ass it is i just want some ass.
p.s. i'll take the asses of stephen collins and ron rifkin if that's the only offer on the table

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