Teen Choice Awards TV Winners: The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars Dominate

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NOBODY could have seen these results coming!

The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl dominated TV categories at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards last night, with Pretty Little Liars and Glee also turning in strong showings.

Knock us over with a feather, we know.

The awards show, which took place Sunday but airs this evening on Fox, saw prized surfboards handed out to teenagers' favorites in music, movies, TV and more.

Here are some of the programs and shows honored by viewers ages 19 and under, and who were allowed to vote online. It's not exactly the Emmys here, but ...

Damon, Elena and Stefan

Wait ... we all won awards? The same night? Nice!

Choice TV Show: Drama: Gossip Girl
Choice TV Actor: Drama: Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl
Choice TV Actress: Drama: Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl
Choice TV Show: Fantasy/Sci-Fi: The Vampire Diaries
Choice TV Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi: Paul Wesley, The Vampire Diaries
Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi: Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries
Choice TV Show: Action: NCIS: Los Angeles
Choice TV Actor: Action: Zachary Levi, Chuck
Choice TV Actress: Action: Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck

Follow the jump for the rest of the Teen Choice TV winners ...

Choice TV Show: Comedy: Glee
Choice TV Actor: Comedy: Jonas Brothers, JONAS
Choice TV Actress: Comedy: Selena Gomez, Wizards of Waverly Place
Choice TV: Animated Show: Family Guy
Choice TV: Reality Show: Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Choice TV: Reality Competition Show: American Idol
Choice TV: Male Reality/Variety Star: Lee DeWyze, American Idol
Choice TV: Female Reality/Variety Star: The Kardashians, Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Choice TV: Villain: Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries
Choice TV: Personality: Ryan Seacrest
Choice TV: Breakout Show: The Vampire Diaries
Choice TV: Female Scene Stealer: Hilary Duff, Gossip Girl
Choice TV: Male Scene Stealer: Chris Colfer, Glee
Choice TV: Female Breakout Star: Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries
Choice TV: Male Breakout Star: Paul Wesley, The Vampire Diaries
Choice TV: Parental Unit: Mike O’Malley, Glee
Choice Summer TV Show: Pretty Little Liars
Choice Summer TV Star: Male: Ian Harding, Pretty Little Liars
Choice Summer TV Star: Female: Lucy Hale, Pretty Little Liars

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Paul Nina and Ian = awesome!, Especially Paul, god he's hot. And a god actor, so hush P-haters, and be happy for him! Just because I'm a stefan, doesn't mean i hate on ian/damon.


ED WESTWICK SHOULD HAVE WON!!! Even calling Chace an 'actor' is a joke. All he does is stands around looking good. Ed has so much talent and most people watch GG for Chuck and/or Blair.


these voters are idiots..chace can't act for his life and ian is so much better than paul wesley! The obvious choice for the drama actor should be Ed..who votes for this?? omg..I really don't get it


Glee should have won more, but I'm really proud of Chris Colfer and Mike O'Malley, as well as the show winning best TV comedy! I could care less about the rest. I don't watch any other show. One thing I am disappointed in is THE JONAS BROTHERS?!?! Really? Am I reading the results right?


Yay! Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski!!! I only wish Chuck won the best Action TV show!!! Chuck is the best show on the planet! NCIS: Los Angeles is awful :/


WHAT Chace Crawford the best tv actor: drama. He`s just good looking and that`s all. He can only play the sportive, good looking guy that every girl likes. They should have nominated ED OR PENN. At least these two can act serious roles.


paul wesley won for vampire diaries and he definitely deserves it!!! ian does a great job as ian but paul has really shown so many different sides to stefan this season...way to go!!!!!


Yay Ra Ra go Paul! Woot woot!


I vote for leighton and GG. and they won!


Yess, Vampire Diaries claimed four victories at TCA 2010, Damon, Stefan and Elena as well as the show itself won in the category which they are respectively nominated.Twilight victory was a fluke,little girls voted twilight.

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