The Gates Review: "Jurisdiction"

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Last night The Gates delved further deeper into the secret lives of the people living inside. 

Probably the most griping scene from "Jurisdiction" had to be when Buckley showed the tape to Nick and Dylan. It is obvious that Nick can not leave the Gates now. He is now trapped in his own set of lies.

Dealing with Death

It is great that the writers were able to bring to surface the possibility of Nick wanting to get the H E Double Hockey Sticks out of the Gates. Seriously, why would anyone want to endanger their family and stick around? Obviously, Nick and his family play an integral part, so they couldn't leave. But, I wasn't sure how on earth they would be able to make him stay.

I am completely in love with Buckley's character. I feel he brings a level of power that goes unmatched in the gates. It looks like he has dirt on just about everyone - except for Devon.

Speaking of Devon, what in the world are her arterial motives for helping out with the fund raising? What will she do with all those creepy masks? We still have no idea what she plans on doing with the vile of Claire's vampire blood. I have a feeling that Devon could quite possibly be the scariest person inside the Gates!

Andie is still trying not to believe that her magical powers are as dangerous as Peg tells her that they are. Why else would she make-out with poor Charlie again? At least, by the end of the episode she realized how important it is to take the pills.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. What did you think? Follow the jump to read a few of our favorite The Gates quotes after the jump!

Bartley: You see gentleman, everyone has secrets that they want protecting. | permalink
Andie: No it's not you - it's me. I'm so sorry, I have to go. | permalink
Christian: It's because true love is worth fighting for. | permalink
Christian: Surprised? | permalink
Christian: Here's to old friends, Dylan. | permalink


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LOVE THE GATES!! Can't wait to see what Devon has up her sleeve. I sure hope the Gates sticks around for another season. Can't wait to watch tonight's episode!!


I was wondering if someone or even the one who reviewed this episode, was going to mention the 'little' showdown between clair and bretts mother. I thought the comment about clairs use of sunscreen (which tells us that bretts mom knows exactly what clair is) and then the best part...clair making the comment about the 'silver' chocker. Up until this point the writers of the show gave no indication that bretts mother was in any way "special". we were told that brett's brother and father were wolves, but not if his mother was one, only that she obviously knew about them. however, now with the comment Clair made about the silver chocker, it is safe to say that bretts mother is in fact (more than likely) a wolf. also another thing the review didn't mention, which is understandable, there is so much that goes on in the show, was the character of Christian. Yes, he was only used as a very minor plot device for the death of Barbara, they, the writers, have left a door wide open for more of Christian. Dylan brought Christian to his and Clair's house. Who knows, this may have been a one time thing. But if I were one of the writers I would keep all avenues open to me, especially ones that would bring for amazing drama. I am looking forward to next weeks episode.


Join our FIGHT to KEEP it on another season. ABC may cancel it this week. All the contact info is on the facebook group The Gates. All execs emails and snail mail addys! Please take time to email and mail a note to let them know to bring it back next summer for season 2. The only reason ratings are low is because of the Lead in show the Scoundrals is very low in ratings. Give us a new lead in show! The gates needs to be saved! Will you help us save it?
Please remember to be polite when you contact them. Express your frustration with previous cancelations without giving the shows a fair chance. 1. Leave a quick (polite) message (30 seconds) on their viewer feedback line. Dial 818-460-7477 and press 1, 2, 2, then 352. You can also call ABC's Corporate offices:
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ABC Entertainment
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Burbank, CA 91521-4581 3. Your personal, hand-written mail has a huge, huge impact. If you have the time and can spare a stamp, write the execs. A letter is much better if it doesn't look like part of an organized campaign, so try not to use form letters. 5. Email or call your local ABC affiliate (find them listed here: Your ABC Affiliate ) supporting the show/saying you want another season. If they hear from enough viewers, it WILL get back to ABC. 6. FANS OUTSIDE OF THE US: Contact the station in your country that airs The Gates. Thank them for supporting the show. Tell them you love it! Say you're disappointed that ABC may cancel it. Ask them what you can do to ensure a second season.


I'm glad I stuck around for this show. It is starting to find its footing and is becoming something truly interesting. Excellent review all around. One note though. I don't not if you meant to use it, but the proper word to use for describing Devon's motives is "ulterior," not "alterial." Sorry for the correction; daughter of an english teacher.


I love this show. I've to repeat this every week, but it's so true... The vampire storyline was great...I didn't expect that there's something like a tribunal who punishes everyone who breaks the rule in the gates. I'm looking forward to the new alliance of Dylan and Nick, now that Buckly threatens them...I sure none of them will allow this any longer...But I've to agree with Mrs. Northman, Buckly seems so powerful, I'm interested to see to what length he will go to protect his safe place.. Devon's great. She is really one scary witch and I'm so interested in what her endgame is. She has the vile of Claire's blood, takes creepy masks from everyone and clearly has an agenda for the town. I'm sure about one thing: she wants massive destruction. It seems that she's still hurt from Buckleys cheating and the fact, that she said "Everyone in this town new" leads to my guess: Devon wants to destroy this whole town and everyone within it, to ultimately destroy Buckley. I'm glad Andie took finally the pills...took her a long time to understand that her powers could hurt Charlie, but with the lie of her father on the other hand about the happy ending of him and her mother it's no surprise she wants to believe in some kind of capability to control her succubus side... All in all: Pure love to this show.

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