The Good Wife First Look: Season Two Premiere Pictures

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When The Good Wife returns with new episodes on September 28, Alicia will have a new boss; a new opposition in court; but the same old love triangle involving Will and Peter.

Indeed, the season two premiere is titled "Taking Control" and will pit Alicia against Cary in a case that involves Fifth Amendment rights. It will also make it clear that our heroine isn't sure which man to be with, while also debuting Michael Ealy as the head of the firm with which Lockhart and Gardner merges.

Click on the photos below for a closer look at scenes from the second season premiere:

Cary vs. Alicia
Alicia with Will
Michael Ealy on The Good Wife
Glenn Childs Photo

In other season two casting news:

  • Michael J. Fox will play a lawyer that butts heads with Alicia.
  • Scott Porter will play a rival for Kalinda.
  • Dallas Roberts will Alicia's gay brother.

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No sparks?? Are you blind? There were sparks from Minute One, if you had been paying attention. "...WILL who jumps into the sack at the drop of the hat then moves on" Are you watching the right show? Will has been on a sexual sabbatical for some time now, as the girl with the tattoos said, and he hasn't been shown jumping into the sack with ANYONE, much less moving on immediately after. PETER, on the other hand, who you call a "good husband" has admitted boinking hookers DOZENS of times, while his faithful wife was waiting faithfully at home. Take off your blindfold and face the reality that Peter is a lying cheating sleazeball, while Will has been kind, caring, and considerate -- a perfect gentleman throughout. Alicia would have to be crazy to stick by that no-good bum Peter, when Will is there for the taking. The title "The Good Wife" is supposed to be ironic, because all BEING one got her was betrayed, publicly humiliated and cheated on. Her own kids have seen clips of their rotten louse of a father making out with hookers in their computer lab at school. She should kick him to the curb and snag Will before some other woman gets him.


Can somebody tell me when are we going to stop the Alicia/Will stuff, any blind fool can see that there isn't any sparks going there. Plus your story line from season 1 episodes 1 to 23 has been very boring with this bull. Peter shows more sincerity of being the GOOD HUSBAND than the player WILL who jumps into the sack at the drop of the hat then moves on. She has to much to lose plus the scandel would be worst than the first one and would drag her entire family into the limelight which she doesn't want. So lets write these scipts with WILL AND KALINDA being as lawyer and investagater and leave the sex remarks out!!!

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