Cary vs. Alicia
Former colleagues, Cary will go up against Alicia on the season two premiere of The Good Wife. We're big fans of this character.

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Don't tell me your going to start the second season with the same old crap as the first season, lets get it together and knock off the WILL BS we don't need to go through this again. Alicia is married and still has deep feelings for Peter otherwise she would of left him back in the first episode, don't for get when he was in jail he asked her if she still loved him and the answer was YES !!!!

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The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Will: Are we being played in some way?
Diane: I don't see how.
Will: I don't either. It's making me suspicious.

No, you know what? I'm not just dropping this. You wanna know my plan? My plan is I love you, okay? I've probably loved you ever since Georgetown. So phone me. I'll meet you anywhere, and we will make a plan. If none of this makes sense to you, just ignore it. No embarrassment, nothing. We'll just go back to how things stood.