The Real Housewives of New Jersey Review: "Your Naples are Showing"

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One more episode left!

Sadly, that's the best spin we can put on what has become a bitter and horrifying season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Waiting for the finale to come so it'll end.

Last night, the Jersey-ites dock in Naples. Teresa’s whiny daughters are excited. Shirtless Joe bitches as he kicks their 10 million bags down hallways and out of elevators.

Teresa says he is pissy because he’s away from his businesses. By “businesses” she means bankruptcy and “half-empty bottles of booze in the basement at home,” natch.

The gang boards some of those obnoxious tourist buses, at which point Teresa’s girls break down. Caroline shoots Teresa the snake eye but it is unfortunately ineffective. 

You're a Loser!

You're so painful, we're actually excited to see Danielle Staub!

Back in the states, Prostitution Whore and the decrepit lair she haunts are filled with her recollections to her poor, defenseless daughters about her awful fight with Kim G.

At one point Christine uses the word “ass” and Danielle gets bent out of shape. “You’re too beautiful and too spiritual to speak like that,” says the Danielle Staub Raw star.

Discount Danny listens as Danielle claims Ashley “has terroristic tendencies.” Danielle is positive she will be attacked by Ashley in the parking lot. It's just a matter of when. 

Obviously, Danielle has a private investigator come over so he can begin sleuthing around the back yard and doing whatever else those people do to get paid for nothing.

Danielle's quest to find her biological mother comes with certain caveats: no drug addicted or homeless biological parents need apply. Just rich ones, hopefully. Fingers crossed.

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did dina's husband get some woman pregnant (it has been said that he cheated on her before they were married while doing a reality show)and when danielle asked teresa if she acknowledged her new "nephew" she and jacqueline looked at each other and said of course, then it seemed to dawn on them danielle was not speaking of teresa's was at this point that teresa went ballistic and accosted danielle screaming don't break up my family. Could she mean dina and her husband?


The aboves opinion is ludicris. I dont remember hearing that Theresa is a saint only that Danielle is is riding the crazy train and she is trying to get the rest of us on board. Not to mention that the media is mearly stating a fact not an opinion, did Danielle not infact prostitute herself. And as far as being a whore well two sex tapes pretty much verifies that.


dont you think danielle's biological mother must be running for cover? apparently,danielle doesn't want a mother like herself. poor kids-therapy galore for them.


Amazed at how the media uses such foul language to describe a woman. But celebrate another who is a perfect example of the country's failing economy. Over kill and 60,000 shopping spree, but then claims bankruptcy. Therefore all of these companies have given away free items that they will never receive payment on and some how manage to pay their bills, staff and order more goods for sale to continue and function. But we hate Danielle right! Who doesn't chase down people in public (because the truth hurts). or Celebrate the fact that their child pulled hair out of someone's head.

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