Angela and Hodgins: The "Ironclad" Bones Couple

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Most Bones Season 6 spoilers so far this summer have naturally focused on Booth, his new girlfriend, and Brennan's jealous reaction to this romantic turn of events.

There's also the Jersey Shore episode in the works. Bones will immerse herself in "guido" culture, with the Situation himself possibly guest starring. That's hilarious.

But what about other facets of the show, such as Angela and Hodgins?

Those two will remain an “ironclad couple,” executive producer Hart Hanson tells EW. “They are in the honeymoon phase but they keep getting smacked in the head."

"But the honeymoon phase never goes away. They are deeply, deeply in love. We just want to do everything to a couple you would do to a couple that is going through life together."

"Sort of the opposite of Booth and Brennan for the time being.”

Hodgins and Angela in Jail

Angela and Hodgins: The anti-Booth and Brennan. At least for now.

Hanson plans to “have the kitchen sink thrown at them, but they’re together for always. We could change our mind next year, but they’re pretty strong this season.”

As for the serial killer rumored to be stalking the Bones stars?

“We’ve got someone worse than the Gravedigger coming,” Hanson says. “And if the Gravedigger is Evil Brennan, this next person is Evil Booth.” So ... a sniper then?

“Booth was a sniper,” Hanson says, “so it may be a sniper.”

Finally, Hanson (vaguely) confirmed rumors that someone dies, saying that “it’s someone we know.” Who do you think it is? Leave a comment with your theories ...

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hi to all at i thought i had sent this newyears eve but it didnt send so i have sent it again all things good for the new year to all of you
- matt


I think it's going to be Caroline, the attorney.


I think Booth and Brennan both won't die because they're the main characters. I also think it would be wrong for Hodgens to die because he's going to be a father, and Angela can't leave because she's pregnant. I also don't think it will be an intern because one of Brennan's assistants (Zac) already left. I think it's Cam because she's a less dynamic character and it wouldn't be to bad if she left. I hope it's not Sweets, but it probably won't because his character shouldn't be in actions scenes, just in his office.


please make it be hannah


they said that whoever dies is a recurring character, well at least i think they did at the comic con thingy. so its probs going to be a intern or hannah


OMG i cant wait to see the next episode, but im really mad because booth didnt sleep with bones. i really toght that was going to happen. but anyways i dont want none of the people in the lab to die but i can almost swear its going to be booths girlfriend i was expecting that when she got shot so its probably going to be her. and i hope zack comes back BUTTTTTTTT i want to see BOOTH N BONES together pleaseeeeeeeeee! its killing me i want to see them getting together so bad. Some do something i want them together. if sweets daisy wendel ange hudgins cam booth bones zack i am not watchin this thing evver again even thogh its my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!booths girlfriend will die so bones can get together with booth i hope or i hope she is the big killer so bones can beat her ass


I love Angela and Hodgins together,but BB is the best.I hate that someone dies in season 6 and I think it's gooing to be Zac ore Cam :( i'm gooing to be mad if brennan or booth die :(


I definitely can't wait for season 6 to start. When season 5 ended in April I honestly couldn't wait for September to come!
I am going to have to agree with most people on this one I think it's going to be Cam. Unless they turn her character into something spectacular soon she isn't be too much of a devastating loss. Second best though is most definitely Wendal. Although, it would be hard to see someone go who has gone through so much to get where he is now. His character can't contribute much more, especially since the thing with Angela is over.


I think that Angie and Hodgey are perfect together. They needed to be apart for a while to see what they are missing out in each other. I also think that the writers will use Angie's experience to help Brennan come to terms with what she has in Booth and I think that maybe Angie will be even more in Booth's corner for them getting together. I love Angie and Hodgin's and I think that they should stay together. As for who dies I am hoping that it might be an intern but I think that Cam is the most likely person. Her role has really taken a back seat. I will be really pissed if it is one of the original 5. I was worried that it might be Angie or Jack. I am thinking Angie if they go original 5 cast members. I think that people like sweets way to much for them to get rid of him. That would be a mistake. Maybe it will be Wendal or Daisy, or maybe Mr Nigel Murray... GOOD RIDDANCE!!!


I'm really glad there's a season 6 :) but I don't like that there's going to die someone...

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The impossible becomes reality all the time. Ideas, and memories, and love. You can't hold those things in your hands, but it doesn't mean that they don't exist. So, why not spirits? And why not Sweets? You don't have to believe. I get it. But you don't have to dismiss the possibility, either. No decent scientist would do that.


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