90210 Round Table: "Age of Inheritance"

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Simply put, we disliked this week's episode of 90210. It lacked tension and believable, intriguing storylines. That's a tough combination for success.

But "Age of Inheritance" has at least given our staff plenty to discuss in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. Join the discussion on these topics now...

Are you on Team Dixon or Team Ivy?
M.L. House: Forget D-Fence. I'm all about D-ixon! His girlfriend came home from Australia, spent more time with an old, male friend than with Dixon and is now angry because some bachelorette took a shot off his body?!? Did this show move from Beverly Hills to Conservative Town, USA? Get over it, Ivy. The guy did nothing wrong.

LJ Gibbs: It's hard to even keep track of all the ways Ivy has wronged Dixon already this season. Getting steamed over a harmless Facebook photo isn't nearly as ridiculous as essentially cheating on the guy. Dirty thoughts and desires are the same as infidelity, considering how far she's already gone with Oscar. It's an emotional affair.

The Barnacle: I'm on Team Can We Let This Couple Be Together For More Than Three Episodes So I Actually Care About What Happens to Them?

90210 RT, Take 2

Are you on Team Liam or Team Annie?
M.L. House: I was on Team Annie because Liam was clearly a moron for taking her on someone else's boat. But then she went straight to another man. That's a classless, immature move.

LJ Gibbs: Shenae Grimes still plays Annie, right? Team Liam.

The Barnacle: I'm just on Team Lannie. I believe these two can work things out... and they better!

Are you on Team Teddy or Team Silver?
M.L. House: Team Teddy. I disagree with Mr. Cannon completely, and not just when it comes to my anti-rape stance. Sometimes, one can't help but to be in a bad mood and take things out on a boyfriend/girlfriend. Teddy just saw his ENTIRE world destroyed with that knee injury. Let him vent a bit, Silver. Just be there for him.

LJ Gibbs: Team Silver. Teddy is gay, remember? Get out while you can, girl!

The Barnacle: Teddy. The guy has had a few drinks recently and Silver has acted like he killed someone (which would be fine on 90210 anyway. Just ask Annie.). How tame are we to believe West Beverly has become, when a few drinks causes someone's girlfriend to lose it?!?

Who is Charlie?
M.L. House: He's the one intriguing thing about this episode.

LJ Gibbs: Liam's step-brother. Or maybe half-brother. Or maybe he just used the word "brother" because he's African-American. We'll see.

The Barnacle: Someone who is about to be on the receiving end of a Liam roundhouse. Am I the only one who wants to see him return to his bad boy ways?

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Team Dixon! Ivy comes off as one of the boys, who doesn't have a care in the world. But you know there is so many more layer underneath that facade! I can understand her annoyance with the body shot, but really? Your having fantasies, almost kisses, and sexual innuendos with Oscar. Team Annie and Liam!!! I actually really enjoyed the scene in the cafeteria with Annie, Liam and Naomi... it was cute. I gave me a little chuckle. I felt confused when I first saw them on the boat, but it was cute that they were kissing and such, but the fact of the matter is, that Liam is always going to be a rebel without a cause. He so quickly returned to his old ways the moment he saw that man. You could tell how uneased Annie was, and I could also understand her point of view. In true 'Beverly Hills' fashion Annie runs off to her second choice, Charlie. They were both wrong, that why I am on both of their teams ;) Charlie is only going to want Liam want Annie more, and that "love triangle" will make for lots of drama, can't wait to see what they have planned for them. I hope it is good. Team Teddy- Silver is a smart girl, but she is just not with it right now. Coming from experience, I can understand how SIlver feels, but at the same time, you can't make everything about yourself. Teddy had obvious reasons to feel the way he did, and perform the actions he was performing. For Teddy it is one thing after another for him. Cut this kid some slack.


teddys gay? and how did you all know this? when was it revealed?


After watching this episode, this is what I want to see this season: 1.Dixon find out how Oscar is setting him up and beat the crap out of him. 2. Mr Cannon attempting to rape Silver and Dixon or Teddy (doesn't matter hes gay) rescue her and beat the crap out of him. 3. Keep Dixon/Ivy together. They really grew on me as my favorite couple,


Team Dixon, I like Ivy but she was overreacting , i could see if it was Dixon taking shots off the Girl Team Lannie - i think what Liam did was stupid, and Annie has every right to be upset considering all the things she's been through but ending things so soon and meeting Charlie afterwardt was kind of Stupid as well, but i still have Faith they will be together Team Teddy, he has every right to want a drink or to lash out a little , the thing he loves (tennis) could be taken away from him , and Silver doesn't seem to get that and Charlie is Liam's Half brother and LJ that remark was not Cool.


1. Team neither.. Dixon is just so boring to me..and Ivy just irritates me. Plus she is judging him for having a girl take a body shot off of his stomach while she's having sex dreams about Oscar.. yeah Dixon is the one in the wrong... :\ 2.I really kinda like Lannie, I think they could have potential.. but now that Liam's half brother is revealed who knows what will happen with these two... also whats the deal with Annie's job? I was expecting that storyline to come about soon 3. Team Teddy!! I think I'm the only one who ever like Teddy and Silver together, but seriously Silver needs to chill, the guy probably can never play tennis again,you can't just get over your dreams in a week! Plus shame on you for even being in the same room as Mr. Cannon, and even somewhat flirting with him 4. Charlie? ohh that must be Liam's brother's name... I think he's the half brother, I don't what his motives are hopefully he's someone that Liam can bond with

Simran varma

Team Dixon: As if Ivy is too innocent? I mean, tht girl is DREAMING ABOUT sleeping with a guy, Give me a clue!! :P Poor dixon!
Team both were wrong: LIam n Annie both were horrible. Liam shoulnt have taken her to someone else's boat. :P
Annie shouldnt have all FLIRTEd with another guy!
Team Teddy: Silver cant just go n spend some time with her TEacher. For the sake of being a teenager. Who wants to spend time with their TEACHER? Not me.


Does anyone know the song the band was playing at Namoi's party? It's driving me crazy!


Team Dixon:I love Dixon! He needs to dump that hippie and the writers need to give him a hottie/celeb girlfriend lol
Team Liam: Just because Annie needs to go to jail! I would love to see her act from a jail cell!
Team Teddy: Yea he is gay but we aren't supposed to know that yet! Silver is just being so judgmental a man can have a couple drinks here and there! Even though they are all under-aged.


team dixon because, well, come on... gettin pissy over a facebook picture, while just a week ago you were havin sex dreams about your childhood friend and almost sucking face?..... classy. team annie. except i dont even know if she liked Liam that much anyway. they have a fight and she moves onto the new guy within an hour... Sure. team teddy just coz silver's biggest extra-curricular is being over dramatic dumbass. i hope gay teddy stays this fun though. haha


1) team Ivy, never liked dixon and at least she's never acted on her desires... Yet
2) team Annie, WTF was Liam thinking taking her to a random guys boat!
3) team teddy, silver is usually my favorite character but lately she's been over reacting to teddy's drinking (and didn't believe Naomi about the cannon thing)... But I guess it's ok cause Teddy IS gay so she gets spared the heart ache!

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