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Bones Sneak Peek: Bring on the Love Triangle!

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Last week's Bones season premiere brought the team back together and charted a course for the season to come. But "The Mastodon in the Room" was tame in one respect:

Hannah Burley was absent. No longer.

Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan promised we wouldn't see a “jealous love triangle” with Brennan, Booth and his war correspondent love interest, and that may be true.

That's because, according to the new preview below, she and Brennan are going to be friends! Seriously! Katheryn Winnick should still sleep with one eye open, but still. Fun!

It makes one wonder: What happens if we actually like Hannah? Nathan responds that it will be hard not to love someone Booth is so drawn too. It's an interesting point.

See if you agree after watching this ...

[video url="" title="Bones Preview: September 30"][/video]

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You look beautiful.

Brennan [to Samantha]

Bones: You reconstruct the faces of murder victims as well as anyone in this country.
Angela: That's the most depressing thing that anybody has ever said to me.
Bones: I thought it was a compliment.

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