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Community Review: Meta-tastic!

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I'm hoping we can move away from the soap-y relationship-y stuff and into bigger, fast-paced, self-contained escapades.

Unsurprisingly, Abed took a moment on the season premiere of Community to sum up the one complaint some viewers had about season one: there was too much of focus on Jeff's love life, as a cliffhanging kiss with Annie is not the sort of finale scene fans of a sitcom expect or desire.

But Community tackled this topic perfectly on "Anthropology 101," by playing it up and mocking it to hilarious results.

Betty White on Community

Romantic sparks between Jeff and Britta felt a bit forced last season... so I was thrilled that the show acknowledged this by having the characters purposely force a relationship. It was hilarious to watch a pretend coupling based on spite and a desire to one-up the other.

Other bits/lines that stood out:

  • Troy greeting Britta with "Hi, 'Toy Story 3" when she popped up amidst discussion of that movie.
  • Shirley asking Abed if he was being "meta."
  • Jeff referring to The Twilight Saga as proof that "men are monsters who crave young flesh."
  • Simply put: @oldwhitemansays. That Twitter account actually exists, by the way.
  • Pretty much everything Alison Brie does and says as Annie. I especially loved her initial description of their kiss (technically, it was Frenching, as she read in... National Review) and her sad screaming, juxtaposed against Shirley elation over Jeff and Britta getting married.
  • Abed hired a George Clooney impersonator, who even mentioned that actor's awful Batman movie. Amazing.

Just great stuff all around. What was your favorite line?


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I'm not quite sure how to say this; you made it extmeerly easy for me!


I like the part when Troy compare the girls to donuts~ 'You don't eat one and lick the other'


"a cliffhanging kiss with Annie is not the sort of finale scene fans of a sitcom expect or desire." Really? Friends always had romantic cliffhangers. HIMYM is exclusively about romantic cliffhangers. Frasier's ending was about romance... Community set itself up as being a parody of sitcoms, but that's not to say that sitcom fans don't expect or desire romantic cliffhangers. Hell, what other kind of cliffhanger can they do in a community college setting? Jeff and Annie getting together might have given the show a mix up for a few episodes. They're a couple that carries a stigma and required hiding. Fairly easy drama. I'd love them to manage a Modern Warfare every week, but that's a big ask if they're just rejecting a fairly well tested form of getting drama continuity into a show. 'Some viewers' might have disliked the love life focus, but it was hardly central. I love Community, but I don't know how well the show can maintain interest if the only narrative is Jeff constantly relearning the value of friendship each week.


My favorite was when they all screamed after hearing that Jeff and Britta did it on the study group table. Everyone yelling "Ahhhhh" while Troy was exclaiming "Awwwwww-some!"