Darren Criss Cast on Glee as...

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... Kurt's new boyfriend?!?

While producers remain tight-lipped over whether or not Chord Overstreet's Sam will end up as Kurt's boyfriend on season two of Glee, another contender has entered the picture: Darren Criss has been cast as Blaine, a gay member of a rival singing group named the Dalton Academy Warblers.

Criss, Darren

While Michael Ausiello reports the plan is to have Blaine maintain a strictly platonic friendship" with Kurt, the journalist acknowledges that Ryan Murphy won't confirm plans for this character.

Watch Criss perform below and then sound off on his casting in our Glee forum.

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/darren-criss-video/" title="Darren Criss Video"] [/video]

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"Damn the G.L.E.E.!!"


OMG, that ending was sooo cute(:
Call me.
I ♥ Darren Chriss sooo much, and the kiss with Chris Colfer was so cute


YES! Darren totally deserves this! Everyone should go check out hiss YouTube channel (iclemyer) and A Very Potter Musical!!


EEK! Huzzah! They need to have team starkid be the warbling chorus! There should also be a youtube episode in which they sing hit youtube songs!


awww go Darren it great for him lets just see more starkids on glee as well


I loved the little comments..."pro guitar!" etc. Two key-changes! Whoa.


im definatly watching this season now lol.
secess to the starkids!


LOL at all the starkid nerds that have come out of the woodwork. he's good. love AVPM/AVPS. i knew he went for it, but im surprised they went with him. didnt expect him to succeed.


If he´ll play Kurts new boyfriend, I wonder where Sam (Chord) will end up? Maybe a new boyfriend for Rachel, Quinn, Santana or Sunshine. Maybe they will create a new love triangle for Rachel, Sam and Sunshine. Maybe Sam, Rachel and Finn. Maybe a love triangle for Artie, Sunshine and Sam. Or maybe a love triangle for Puck, Santana, and Sam or maybe Brittany, Sam and Santana. Maybe just Sam and Quinn. OK stop.. That´s a lot of maybe´s…


YES ! It's offcial. Team StarKid's twitter has confirmed it. OMFG. I can't even. I'm still flailing !!! SO. EXCITED .

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