Darren Criss Cast on Glee as...

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... Kurt's new boyfriend?!?

While producers remain tight-lipped over whether or not Chord Overstreet's Sam will end up as Kurt's boyfriend on season two of Glee, another contender has entered the picture: Darren Criss has been cast as Blaine, a gay member of a rival singing group named the Dalton Academy Warblers.

Criss, Darren

While Michael Ausiello reports the plan is to have Blaine maintain a strictly platonic friendship" with Kurt, the journalist acknowledges that Ryan Murphy won't confirm plans for this character.

Watch Criss perform below and then sound off on his casting in our Glee forum.

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/darren-criss-video/" title="Darren Criss Video"] [/video]

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^ The only reason I will watch this season. Way to go buddy! Now pull in some more StarKids and make us all happy.


I'm excited to see Darren on Glee! ps. you guys could've used my art! It's no problem, all I want is a little credit!


is that true? Kurt will have a boyfriend?


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG i gotta start watching glee




So excited he's gonna be on Glee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


he doesn't look real, serious photoshopping!


OMMIIIGAAD! I love him so much:O
I was like: It's the guy from the A very Harry Potter musical :O
He's so cuuuute :O

Glee Quotes

[to Kurt] You know, these Mounds bars are delicious, but you have to eat them. If you just hold them in your hand hoping that you might get to eat them one day, they're going to melt and you'll look like somebody just pooped in your hand. Don't let waiting for things to maybe work out with Blaine turn you into the guy who looks like somebody just pooped in their hand.


Blaine: Where's the bed?
Brittany: I removed it because when I imagined you two having sex I imagined a U-haul mounting a moped.