Futurama Review: "The Mutants Are Revolting"

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When you consider the fact Futurama was off the air for nearly seven years, the fact that last night's episode, "The Mutants Are Revolting," was the 100th episode was pretty impressive.  Unfortunately, the episode just wasn't nearly as impressive as that fact.

100th Delivery Party

We've come to expect great things from Futurama this season and the show doing its second Titanic parody was just not what we were expecting.  This time, rather than being in space, the Titanic "ship" was the largest and only land boat.

Sure the concept is hilarious and it was cleverly used in the plot, but when the shows did such a great job in the first season episode, "A Flight to Remember," why bring back the Titanic jokes?

Outside of that minor complaint, the episode had some great heart and a fun surprise ending.  The good jokes were limited, but here are some we thought worked:

  • Zoidberg floating in as Mary Poppins.  "Three dollars at the drug store!"
  • The entire opening sequence with the souflee.
  • Any robot dancing is always appreciated.
  • Devo.

Our favorite Futurama quotes from the season finale are after the jump.

Bender: This calls for a party, baby. I'm ordering 100 kegs, 100 hookers and 100 Elvis impersonators that aren't above a little hooking should the occasion arise. | permalink
Mrs. Astor: Would you Farnsworths care to be my guests tomorrow to the Astrid Endowment Fundraiser? All the best families will be there.
Fry: We can take them. | permalink
Zoidberg: Hooray! A happy ending for the rich people! | permalink
Fry: I can eat a hot dog underwater. | permalink


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it was epic and nothing less. Get your facts right ass face