Glee Round Table: "Audition"

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From new characters to new songs, the second season premiere of Glee has given our Round Table panel plenty to discuss.

We invite all Gleeks to join in on this analysis and share your thoughts on the following topics...

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
M.L. House: It was subtle and quiet and uttered in the background, but astute viewers hopefully picked up on Brittany's line when watching Santana and Quinn fight: "Stop the Violence."

LJ Gibbs: I never thought I'd give this award to anyone but Sue Sylvester. However, Coach Beiste had me rolling with her non-sensical insult: "You're all coffee and no omelet."

The Barancle: TV Fanatic talked to the actor that plays him, so let's give props to Jacob and his meta commentary to open the episode, especially this quip to Will: "Did you know there's a forum on my blog begging you to stop rapping?"

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What was your favorite song from the episode?
M.L. House: Charice, as Sunshine, belting out "Listen." I can't believe such a big voice comes from such a little person!

LJ Gibbs: Rachel's closing number. Only Lea Michele can combine such incredible talent with such raw emotion. Embarrassing admission: I've listened to it 27 times already today.

The Barancle: Did you see how many times Rachel flips her hair during her duet with Sunshine on "Telephone?" Amazing stuff. Here's to hoping for plenty more back-and-forth musical numbers between these two!

Who was your favorite new character?
M.L. House: Gotta go with the Beiste. Kudos to the show for avoiding another Sue (I love her, but we only need one on the series!) and instantly giving the coach a sensitive side. Loved seeing such depth to a new character so early.

LJ Gibbs: I think it was Sam. But can I see him sing in the shower for another 30 minutes just to make sure? :)

The Barancle: He was barely in the episode, but gonna say the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline. He's played by Cheyenne Jackson, who guest-starred on 30 Rock last season and who I adore from his time on Broadway.

Will Tina get back together with Artie?
M.L. House: You have seen Mike dance, right? And take his shirt off?!? Sorry, Artie. You're gonna have to move on.

LJ Gibbs: No, but that's okay. Artie will find another video game with which he'll play a marathon session (woman!) and forget all about Tina.

The Barancle: I hope so. Mike can have any girl he wants due to those incredible dance moves. Let Artie get with Tina, dude. Tartie forever!

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I absolutely loved the Telephone performance, I don't even know why XD but my fav song too was the last one Rachel sang. but fav quote? XD Is it only me or did somebody else crack up at the way Quinn said "boob job"? XD


I absolutely loved this episode of glee! I would have to say my favorite performance was of sunshine singing "listen" i lovvved that performance.
I also loved Rachels performance too, I love her new hair cut and I think her and Finn are adorable!
Overall I think it was an awesome episode! I can't wait for next week's Britney episode, I can't wait to hear Brittany sing! :)


Brittany's line was indeed hilarious!
I loved the performance of Telephone, but I enjoyed the way it ended even more! Lol!


Bieste was great - it was surprising and good to see such a tough woman show so much emotion. The teachers are really interesting - as a teacher myself I think it's really cool that Glee shows them as characters with all kinds of issues on their own - not just as related to the students. As for Mike and Tina, they've not yet become deep characters, like Finn, Rachel, Quinn, Kurt, Will, Sue and so on. Mike never says a word and just does his dance moves - so I think he's boring. Tina faked a stutter, and that's basically all we know about her. Teenage girls can be quite shallow when choosing boyfriends (=abs), but then it normally doesn't last either. But, does she need to have a boyfriend? Perhaps Tina could be explored as a character without a boy attached. ;)


1. just anything that came out of biests mouth not much made sense :)
2. TELEPHONE i dont know why it was just epic.
4.i hope so but mike is pretty hot!


I liked "What I Did For Love", partially because it was an audition piece for me, and Lea just KILLS it. But I think the emotion behind it is Rachel's pure selfish love of the limelight. This first episode was all about establishing the selves our Glee kids will be for the rest of the year. Quinn's back as Queen Bee, Santana has some vulnerabilities we haven't really learned about yet, Tina's chosen Mike over Artie, and in a way Finn chose Glee over football - finally. And then Rachel chose to protect herself, partially for the reasons she gave Finn, but partially because of the reasons Finn fired back at her. I think she's singing to sum up that part of her that she has to accept about herself and move on from. Will she become a team player? We'll have to wait and see.


I looove this season premiere!!!


my favourite quote: when kurt explained that people should stop hiding behind their screen and act up and he got slushied. Hilarious favorite song: What I did for love, even though the purpose of it is still not totally clear for me (is Rachel talking about her love for the spotlight, the Glee club, the gleeks,...), the emotion Lea Michele gave us is unbelievable. I mean it is really great favorite new character: I would say Beiste cause the feud with Sue gonna be epic. Sam is okay but so far we haven't seen a lot of him. I don't really get Sunshine cause Charice really need acting courses: she sings technically well but no emotion through her face, she is boring. In a way I'm glad she goes to VA cause in last year finale Rachel told her mother that VA's number was nice but New Directions won on the emotion point of view, so I think Sunshine's place is in VA. Artie and Tina: No way they will be back together even though there's no chemistry between Tina and Mike (it's hard to see chemistry between them while there's Rachel/Finn on the same show)


STOP THE VIOLENCE LOL so funny Brittany quote. One of the most funny scenes on the episode was Kurt doing that interview with Jacob and getting a slushy!!! haha was so funny. I like Bieste too, but Will: you screwed up.. AGAIN.! AND I ABSOLUTLY ADORED THE CAT-FIGHT BETWEEN Q and S (that sounded very Gossip Girl, sorry lol) And also Sue's "SHUT-UP" to Sunshine and Rachel. And Rachel telling Sunshine "You're Sunshine Corazon from Filipinas where is SUNNY everyday!". I gotta say, I just fell in love with Sunshine... too bad shes going to VA. As for Rachel, when she sang What I Did For Love i thik she was singin' about what she did for the club, because she loves THE CLUB... and no-one believed her, not even Finn. And I hate the other asian for doing that to his glee-mate... And Tina is kind of a b... too. Poor Artie.


My favorite quote from last night's episode came from Puck, regarding Sam and his huge mouth. Lol that made me laugh out loud My favorite song was Telephone, even though it was irrelevant to the plot line. My favorite new character could be the Beiste because she had a lot of funny things to say, also I have been hearing rumors that Sam is her son.. which makes sense to me. I never got on board with Artie and Tina, Artie was always mean to her and he doesn't seem like he's mature enough for a girlfriend. Overall a great episode :)

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