Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: "Superfreak"

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Below are photos from the October 7 episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Superfreak." For images from this coming week's episode, "Shock to the System," check out this photo gallery.

The following episode serves as a crossover of sorts with Private Practice. Derek receives an unexpected and unwelcome visit from his estranged sister, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone).

As Caterina herself recently teased, there are many issues between the siblings - both past and present - that come to the surface. Here's a look at the siblings' awkward reunion:

Gettin' Heated

This should be interesting, to say the least. Meanwhile, Richard tries to help out Alex when he notices that he's refusing to use the elevators after his near-fatal shooting; and Meredith and Derek continue their efforts to ease Cristina back into surgery after her PTSD.

Click to enlarge many more photos below ...

Fun Times at Joe's
Outside the Building
Amelia on Grey's
Road Game
Amelia Shepherd Photo
Married Couple Arguing
Reunion of Sorts
Mark and Amelia
An Expression of Deep Concern
Amelia Arrives
An Awkward Family Reunion?
Bailey, Lexie, Jackson
Grey's Leading Lady
Lexie and Jackson Pic
Alex and April
Jackie A.
In Front of the Board
Sisters in Law

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I just started watching and i enjoy greys very much. hope i can find the series from the begining. love my thursdaynights.


I think Mark and Lexie should get together, Izzie and Alex should be together, and Derek and Meredith should get married for real. Even if it is just at City Hall- they don't need a huge wedding, just a legal one- this postit stuff is complete crap. It was cute but they should get legally married and wear rings.


I want to see Mark and Amelia together, considering she kept Mark's affair with Addison a secret from her brother. Mark would be like a brother to Amelia and they should have a great bond.


I think Amelia and Meredith could totally get along great, they're both kinda messed up:P


@ Kate I agree with you! I could stay at Jackson all day! LOL, and I am reminded of vintage grey's too! I'm so ready for thursday! I have a feeling this season is going to be jam packed!


Maybe not, but is it worth you complaining about me complaining? But if it really bugs everybody so bad I can refrain, I was meerly saying it was annoying to me. And you're right it is they're right to complain about april...but wouldnt it also be my right to complain about it bothering me? I believe the bottom line of all of this is that everyone has the right to come on here and say what ever they want..."constitutional right". I bet that if everyone was coming on here complaining about Meredith, some people would be in an uproar. Once again I apologize for offending you. And i'm putting this to an end. Point taken...and I won't complain about any further postings, or people's comments. Have a good day!


Liking a lot of what I am seeing for this season! The cast all look beautiful, and I love the friendship between Mer and Cristina taking up more screen time! I like the way they are sort of getting back to the feel of the closeness of the intern group, and including Lexie, Jackson and April instead of George and Izzie feels ok! Don't want to speak too soon, but it feels like vintage Grey's a little bit this season!


@charlotte By all means comment on the episode and speculate about future storylines all you want but I don't think people should be wasting their time complaining about people who complain about a character they hate. If people who hate April want to rant about it then they have a right to, just like you have a right to say that you love/like April all you want. Is like telling the paparazzi to not follow a celebrities, is not right but they have a right, a right given to them by the constitution. Is not right that they complain but there is nothing you can do about it, because is their right. Yes April is a fictional character, but I rather them hating a fictional character that a real person. As far I can tell no one has said that they hate Sarah Drew, if there ever a comment saying that they hate Sarah Drew the actress who plays April then by all mean jump on I'll help you. Yes you have a right to complain about the complainers, but really think about it, is it worth it? And I apologize for the swearing.


yeah it totally would be crazy which is why i want it to happen! They need to shock the viewers a little like they did with the season finale...she could get an abortion though couldn't she..i mean it would have been a really strong storyline but we can all agree damn it would be worth watching Alex and Mark fight it out! Possibly this season Alex will find a surrogate to have his and izzie babies without teling her which would also be great to watch...


Layla, that would be crazy! I want Lexie and Mark together, but mostly I want them to be able to deal with what happened with the shooting. I hope it's not just brushed under the rug...clearly Lexie had a nervous break down, then a week later shes cleared to operate again, I don't think she's I want to know what she is yelling at Derek for, and what shes talkin about when shes in the locker room, and says to Mark that she is the one who freaks out and screams at people/....maybe she realizes shes not ready? LOL i could speculate alll day...cmon thur!

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