Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: "Superfreak"

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Below are photos from the October 7 episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Superfreak." For images from this coming week's episode, "Shock to the System," check out this photo gallery.

The following episode serves as a crossover of sorts with Private Practice. Derek receives an unexpected and unwelcome visit from his estranged sister, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone).

As Caterina herself recently teased, there are many issues between the siblings - both past and present - that come to the surface. Here's a look at the siblings' awkward reunion:

Gettin' Heated

This should be interesting, to say the least. Meanwhile, Richard tries to help out Alex when he notices that he's refusing to use the elevators after his near-fatal shooting; and Meredith and Derek continue their efforts to ease Cristina back into surgery after her PTSD.

Click to enlarge many more photos below ...

Fun Times at Joe's
Outside the Building
Amelia on Grey's
Road Game
Amelia Shepherd Photo
Married Couple Arguing
Reunion of Sorts
Mark and Amelia
An Expression of Deep Concern
Amelia Arrives
An Awkward Family Reunion?
Bailey, Lexie, Jackson
Grey's Leading Lady
Lexie and Jackson Pic
Alex and April
Jackie A.
In Front of the Board
Sisters in Law

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i want Lexie to get with Mark and then discover she is having Alex's baby = compliated, dark, twisty and AWESOME storyline.


Wow, I think everyone needs to take a chill pill! Holy cow! this episode looks really good! I'm excited for it even if it is two weeks away. I feel like something big is going to happen with Lexie, but I can't put my finger on it. I don't think she should of been cleared for surgery, and I think a big breakdown will come. April doesn't bother me at all. I like her and Jackson, and I'm curious to see what these pictures are of? Wonder what Jackson is holding? Maybe this is the episode that Mer lets them live with her? Something about the apartment, who knows! No telling with Shonda!


@ psyisnotcrap, you're right people have the way to "feel however they want" so if people get annoyed with all the april hate then in your words they have the right to..I think what I and the others were saying is we want to comment on the episode, but thats hard to do at least in this thread, because every comment is on the i hate april bandwagon...its just a show and they are fictional characters everyone needs to the way watch the swearing, kids come in here... that being said, I apologize..i see you're side, and I'll refrain from "complaining about people who complain about a character they hate".... I


I'm giving April a chance after I read the episode description for episode 704. Where Meredith get closer to April and Lexie lose it over it. I have a feeling that April and Lexie are going to compete for Meredith's affection this season and that would be such fun watching the two nerdy girls competing for the dark and twisted one.


i think if there is a alex and april thing, it definately won't be romantic, probably dirty sex to help them both heal, and maybe like each other at the end of the series?


I'm sick of reading people complaining about people who complain about a character they hate. This is free country people have the right to hate or love a fictional characters, if they want to. If people want to hate April and Teddy they have that right to. Where does it say that we can't hate a character and complain about that character? No where.If people want to spent their time hating a character they have that right and is their goddamn problem as well. People have the right to feel whatever they want to feel about a character. Geez


@ Kristen, and @ Irvin I agree with you. @ Irvin I agree with you...Ellen Pompeo most likely will not go on pass 8 seasons, and I actually DO want the show to go on after she leaves, and @ Kristen, I agree!! I barely comment on pics with april now, because people hate so much! I like April and Jackson..they add an interesting new dynamic to the group. I am trying to figure out what Avery is holding, and why April looks like she is crying...wonder if it is something to do with Reed and percy? IDK....I'm ready for thur!!


@ IRVIN, THANK YOU!!! couldnt' of said it better myself! lol I feel like I can barely come on this website anymore, if theres a pic with april in it, im barely reading the comments now...get over it. April is here shes here to stay, people need to start dealing with it. Just like Addison, everyone hated her, ESPECIALLY mer/der fans, then shonda found a way to make her grow on people. Give the girl a chance.I for one like April, she has grown on me...


Yeah, with characters like April, Teddy or Lexie losing it or crying every episode I could see GA going till 12 th season. LMAO


OMG you guys are sick!! April is a tv character that has been brought to make the series fresher!! Stop complaining, possibly thanks to her and new characters is that the series will go on!!
And just because they're sittin' together doesn't mean that alex and april are together!! So stop the hate, april is fun and quirky and yes a little annoying and don't tell me that she is more useless than Teddy!!

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