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It’s been proven again: Maggie Q is a badass. While "Kill Jill" lacked suspense, we did get to see a lot more of what both Nikita and Division are capable of, and there were a few jaw-dropping moments.

Instead of showing flashbacks and soft moments, we saw what can happen when both Division and Nikita set their minds to something. Division can send out a federal warrant for an innocent person in under a second, while Nikita can plant a transmitter in someone’s molar without being suspected.

Unfortunately, that plant and a bad attitude earned Birkhoff a full cavity body search, compliments of Amanda, after Division suspects him to be the mole. He’s not the mole, but it was his molar that was doing the snitching.

Michael at Gunpoint

The hour had excellent cat and mouse game again.

As Percy says, “she’s always one step ahead.” It seems like Nikita is more than one step ahead when she chooses a 50-story building to get lost in with Jill the journalist, as Division only has the address to that building. Stomping on cell phones seems to be her favorite way to cover her tracks, as well.

Shane West’s Michael was great this week, too, and almost made me giggle to see how obvious it should have been to him that Nikita is untraceable after a certain moment.

Sometimes I wonder why he even bothers to chase her. Doesn’t Division know that their whole “open the SUV doors at the same time and pursue Nikita” bit isn’t going to lead them to her? They need to start getting two steps ahead. They did train her, after all.

While the cat and mouse games ensue between Division and Nikita, it was interesting to watch Alex help solve the case, and unknowingly direct Division to Nikita. It was almost scary to see how in her element Alex was while doing this investigating. I think her doing the work was more than just getting off of her probation with Division; she truly looked like she wanted to solve the mission. She almost looked like a born assassin.

The unarmed man-on-man fight between Nikita and Michael was interesting, too. These characters both have had numerous chances to kill each other, and if you haven’t figured out that neither one will actually truly harm the other by now, you’re not understanding their interactions. I’m still hoping for a Nikita and Michael truce to take down Division together. It’s far-fetched, I know, but a girl can hope.

It was great to see Nikita finally make Division fail at a mission, yet only with the unexpected help of Alex. During the final chat with Nikita and Alex, Alex paused with a hesitant expression while typing, which shows me that she’s unsure she should continue helping Nikita. Why she would turn back now, after Nikita has saved her life in more ways than one way is beyond me?

Perhaps Thom, the cute hardcore established recruit is getting to her. Might that be a romance we watch blossom?



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^Somewhat agree with you and I guess Michael could potentially be a love interest for Alex too, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. IMO, he comes off as more of a father figure for Alex while I'm definitely picking up some unresolved/lingering deeper feelings for Nikita emanating from him at the same time. I see chemistry with Michael/Alex, just not romantic chemistry. They seem to be pushing the Alex/Thom angle and I am LOVING those two together (Michael/Nikita is of course my OTP, so not as much as I love them). Ever since their first scene together, the chemistry between Michael and Nikita has been hot, hot, hot. I love them together, but I'm really enjoying the buildup with them. The sexual tension is off the charts.


i like how alex is helping Nikita. I love the Chemistry between Michael and Nikita. and how they fight against eachother.


I see the chemistry with Michael and Nikita. From the first scene they had together.


We need to see the chemistry between Michael and Nikita a bit more. There's definitely more between them than there is (right now) between Michael and Alex. Dawned on me today that the guy playing Birkhoff is the lighter guy from XMen (doh!) Alex MIGHT be having second thoughts upon seeing that Nikita is involving innocent people (the journalist) in her schemes, possibly leading them to be hurt or killed. She may have too much of a conscience right now to go along with that all the time. (After all, she is just a kid).


Maybe the writers are still undecided themselves, because besides being totally awed by the action and badassness of Nikita, I am dying to see a bit of romance in people's cold hearts... namingly Michael. See, I feel like he has the potential love interest of both Nikita and Alex, and he cares somewhat for both of them. I admit I would like it to be (and think it most likely is) Nikita, since Alex seems to have her Thom already. Anyhow, the show so far has been really good, I've enjoyed it a lot. It's different from what I usually watch, and unlike a lot of the CW shows, not melodramatic. Can't wait for next week. Michael/Nikita on the horizon? ;)

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The last thing we need is another recruit finding their inner-Nikita.


Percy: Well you did have a prolonged interaction with Nikita directly, following her reappearance.
Birkhoff: If by interaction you mean kidnap and torture. Dude, she pistol-whipped my face. What are we even talking about here?