Odette Yustman to Guest Star on Brothers & Sisters

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Brothers & Sisters is loving the real-life chemistry. Patricia Wettig and Ken Olin, who are married, play Rebecca's parents, while Emily VanCamp (Rebecca) plays Justin's wife.

Emily used to date Dave Annable (Justin), of course, but now that she's leaving the show, the producers needed a new love interest for the youngest Walker in Season Five.

Who better than his new fiancee, Odette Yustman!

Dave and Odette

Dave and Odette shouldn't need many takes for romantic scenes.

Yustman, who can also be seen in the new film You Again with Kristen Bell and Betty White, has been cast as a nurse who starts to fall for Justin, as he's still mending his broken heart from his split with Rebecca, which becomes inevitable in Sunday's season premiere.

Odette has only been slated for one episode, but it could be more. Are you excited to see this on-and-off-screen romance or are you still lamenting Emily's departure?

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This show used to be really good...full of corporation take-overs, interesting political situations, etc., but now it has become a silly, uninteresting hour of stupid plot-lines. They must have changed their writers or else decided to change the whole venue of the show. The characters are no longer interesting and they fill the hour with mindless gibberish and old, overused plots. Too bad...a complete waste of a lot of really good talent---especially Sally Field.


they should have ended this show last season while it was still good. The writers have now run out of ideas.


I thought Rebecca was assume. They were buiding her character with Justin. It just won't be the same. I hope she comes back. They were good togather. Note all the relationships that were are gone. Nora, husband passed away. Sarah got divorced. Tommy got a divorced. Kitty, lost husband and now Justin. Jusin and Rebecca were my favorite couple....:( Please bring Rebecca back with Justin.


I used to love this show. only watched it because of Sally Field, Justin & Rebecca's relationship and Scott & Kevin. I can't believe they're cutting rebecca...could have got rid of her mother! and if rob' not coming back does this mean he died at the end of season 4? well that sucks for Kittie and evan!


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Justin and Rebecca split. :(
They were so in love. I love them as a couple. This is horrible. Their relationship was building ever since they first met in season 1, now it won't be the same without them together.

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