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Parenthood Season Premiere Review: "I Hear You, I See You"

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Parenthood is a show that touches on the real issues faced by many families today.  A show that has us laughing our loud and simultaneously reaching for a tissue - and we are so happy that it is back!

On “I Hear You, I See You," we begin right where season one left off.  Adam feels completely overwhelmed with the struggles at work and at home, Kristina tries to teach her teenage daughter how to drive, and Crosby feels he is the only one working towards his relationship with Jasmine. 

Billy Baldwin on Parenthood

Zeek and Camille are attending counseling and working on their broken marriage.  Takes a strong woman to forgive her husband’s infidelities and it even takes a stronger man to change his egocentric ways and actually listen to his wife.  Good job, Zeek!

Crosby and Jasmine are continuing their relationship even through she and Jabbar have moved to NY.  One thing is for certain; Crosby seems to be the only one really trying to make the relationship work.  Jasmine seems preoccupied with her dancing career, putting it way ahead of Crosby.

We hope Jasmine realizes she needs to put in a little effort to make things work, before Max’s pretty therapist fully catches Crosby’s eye.  It would be devastating to watch these new lovebirds' relationship fall apart, especially for Jabbar.  I guess all we can do is wait and keep our fingers crossed.

Next, Sydney embarrasses her parents by asking them if they came out of a vagina, which strikes up the dreaded sex conversation with their young daughter.  How would you tell your child about sex if put on the spot? As a parent I can honestly say that I really have no idea.  Thankfully my oldest son is three and I have many years to prepare for that awkward conversation.  Better yet, I'll leave it to my husband!

Julia, of course, reads 10 books about sex-ed and takes the lead.  Good old Julia, what would your poor husband do without you?  And all this sex talk eventually has Julia thinking about babies. 

Couldn’t tell whether or not Joel was completely on-board with Julia’s decision in having another baby. All we do know is that it is perfectly clear who wears the pants in that relationship!

Sarah actually helps her brother Adam design a shoe, which lands her a new job as an intern for his company.  Finally, something good has happened for Sarah and we have the feeling she will excel as a designer.  This might be her golden ticket, one that can help her get back on her feet and out of her parents’ barn. 

And we can’t forget about Max!  Many parents out there can relate to Max's story, and watching only want the best for him.  How heartbreaking was it to watch Max get all prepared for his first sleepover, only to have it canceled last minute.  Thankfully Haddie stepped up and gave her little brother what he needs all along: friendship, love and support.

Also, it was great seeing a Baldwin make a guest appearance on the show. William Baldwin did a fantastic job as Adam's boss and we hope to see more of him in the future.

Oh Parenthood how have we missed you! Until next week, here are a few of our favorite Parenthood quotes from this week: 

Haddie: Dad, do you guys have some stupid agreement about not acknowledging each other's flaws?
Adam: Yeah, it's called marriage. | permalink
Jasmine: They must have made this Skype thing for something other than just talking.
Crosby: Oh my God, are we about to have Skype sex? | permalink
Julia: I'm going back out there. I've read ten books on sex-ed I think I have a little bit of a better handle on how to explain a penis to a six year old girl.
Joel: Can we just give it five or six years to shake off the damage we've done and start fresh? | permalink
Zeek: Got some anger in you?
Joel: Well...
Zeek: A little spirit. I like that. I don't think I've ever heard you say more than five words since I knew you.
Joel: Well...
Zeek: No really, I hear you and I see you. | permalink


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Great premiere! Though I "missed" Sarah. It coul've been fun with a little more scenev with her kids. But hopefully that will come later on. Since she's gonna yell at them for playing "Pac man" istead ofdoing there homework. Hahaha:)HILARIOUS!


I love this show and am very happy that it's back! Unlike Modern Family, it allows us to see a more real side of interrelationships between different family members. Can't wait to see what this season has in stored for the Bravermans!


I thought it was great. I'm so glad it's back too and the writing is really wonderful. I see so many interesting issues/dynamics/conversations/attitudes in this show that relate to what families really go through. They've managed to cross the entire board with this 4 generation family. I love it!