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Parenthood Review: "No Good Deed"

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Another week, another chance to watch and fall in love with each of the Braverman’s story. 

How can one not find at least one character to connect to?  This is why this show is such a hit.  Viewers want to feel attached to the shows they watch on television, and Parenthood has hit the bulls eye.

On “No Good Deed," Adam seems to have a tough time at work and at home.  Our man can’t seem to find one minute of peace.  

Adam's New Boss

Adam’s loss of tranquility is the direct result of Kristina’s desire to help out a neighbor in need.  Sometimes no good deed really goes unpunished, and this time it all falls (once again) on Adam’s shoulders.

Adam is always there when you need him - to help you find a job, for emergency relationship advice, even to scratch your back!  Now, who is there for him?  Seriously, how much longer can this man carry all the stresses of his family without losing it?

Next, Crosby gets the news that Jasmine is leaving for a European dance tour.  But this time she not only leaves Crosby, she also leaves her young son behind.  What is Jasmine thinking?

We really are on Crosby’s side and hope she makes the right decisions, not just for herself but also for her new family!  Next question: Does Jasmine leave Jabbar in the care of his father during her absence? 

Nope, Jasmine decides to leave her son with his grandmother.  Honestly, it seems like she isn’t even giving Crosby the chance to step up and take responsibility for his own son.  Come on! 

Crosby has manned up and taken on the role of new daddy perfectly so far. We hope he fights for what is rightfully his: time with Jabbar. 

Lastly, Sarah begins work as an intern and immediately catches the big boss’s eye.  She shares a lunch with Gordon and also some of Adam’s private business involving his son Max.  This upsets Adam and adds to the anxiety this poor man must face. 

Adam really gets it from all sides, and the people he thinks are in his corner have been adding to his stresses.  But then again, isn’t that the way it is with every family???

We are also left wondering if Sarah and Gordon will eventually hook up...  that would be one hot on screen romance to watch!

We love the Bravermans and look forward to watching next week’s debacle!  Until then, here are a few of our favorite Parenthood quotes to keep you smiling:  

Gordon: You were saying?
Sarah: I have a terrible self esteem and it causes me to overcompensate, the design team is awesome, truly.
Gordon: I know I hired them. | permalink
Sarah: You know what I like about chocolate pudding, everything.
Gordon: You know what I like about tofu shaped like a burger and heavier than a brick, nothing! | permalink
Jasmine: You're cute.
Crosby: It's the motorcycle. Yeah, I'm just a six but with the motorcycle I'm an eight. | permalink
Julia: And besides there are three Amy's, we can blame it on the other one.
Joel: What happens when we run out of Amy's?
Julia: You think of something.
Joel: You said that so seductively, clever girl. | permalink


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    Time to face the music armed with this great infomriaton.


    I Def. want 2 see Sara and Gordon hook up! That would be HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Poor Crosby. hopefully Jasmine will come to her senses.

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