The Event Spoilers: About That Disappearing Jet...

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The Event drew over 13 million viewers to its season premiere. It also raised almost that many questions.

But producers have made it clear that they intend to provide answers on a weekly basis, starting with Monday's new episode, "To Keep Us Safe."

President Martinez

Fans can expect to learn the following facts on the show's second installment:

  • How Sophia and the other Inastranka detainees came to America.
  • Where the disappearing plane (and Michael and Sean) went.

However, when President Martinez tries to determine just how and why these events took place, Sophia won't exactly be an open book. Did you really think she would be?

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I agree. If this is going to be another LOST, then I don't want to watch. This was supposed to be my replacement show for "24", which I liked because although each episode was suspenseful you knew that after 24 episodes there would be an ending. I've watched the 2 episodes of "The Event" and although it seems interesting, I really don't want to be on the hook for years to come. But I'll give it another a couple of episodes before I stop watching.


Crap. Is this going to be another LOST, where you still don't know what the heck is going on? Even the finale didn't really let on. I think these shows are out there just to keep viewers on the hook for the advertisers. Gee, that's not new is it?

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Sean: Oh my god could they drink!
Leila: Yes.

Secret missions expert: Simon did you intercept it?
Simon Lee: I couldn't stop it - they're airborne.