The Event Review: "Turnabout"

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Even though we did not get many, if any, questions answered, there was never a dull moment on "Turnabout."

Since last week's two-hour return, I wondered when Vicky would show her face again and tonight we got our answer.

Gabrielle Carteris on The Event

Looks like this femme fatale became quite the scaredy cat. I can't blame her, though, since she made it clear to Dempsey that she was the traitor and ever since had been living on the run. Her son and mother were nowhere to be seen, but that doesn't mean they weren't with her.

The fact that Sean grew a pair and took action completely surprised me. He's such a nice guy who doesn't look like he possesses the gusto to pull off half the stunts he had been involved in.

I will tell you one thing: it wasn't who I expected to see holding a gun to Vicky's head, but I was happily surprised with this outcome. Finally, Sean may get Vicky to spill the beans on who Dempsey really is and what that mysterious company she worked for is all about.

Michael dropped his daughters off at Diane's (Gabrielle Carteris!!!) house to keep them safe. Diane's role so far seems pretty pointless, but who doesn't love a good Andrea Zuckerman cameo?

I feel that Leila will get the answers she has been searching for if she continues to hammer Diane. It would be pointless to proceed to question her father; he seems pretty intent on keeping her and Sam out of the loop.

The President had an eye opening dream that made him decide it was time to act instead of react. He went against his gut instinct and trusted Sophia. Of course, Thomas was be five steps ahead and knew his mother would warn the President to move the uranium, thus foiling any type of trust Martinez may have had for Sophia.

Now that Thomas seized the uranium, he has the ability to create a porthole for his fellow kind to come to our world. How on earth will Sophia be able to stop him? She can't even locate him. Really, as a leader of her kind, what power and quick senses does she have?

Sophia wasn't even keen enough to realize that her prisoner escaped. How could she not have heard all that banging around? If it wasn't for Michael returning in the nick of time, Sophia would have been a goner.

I was happy to see that Blake didn't forget what happened to him at Inostranka. He spoke up at a critical point that helped determine the President's decision to trust Sophia and her followers. Hopefully, Blake will be able to help Martinez realize that there are some good aliens that do want what is best for us natives.

Catherine's bubbly charm and sparkling personality was on a hiatus this week. Didn't the President still owe her a piece of truth? I wonder what her reaction will be when he informs her of the magnitude of the current event.


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Overall the show was great! but there were two problems. #1) THE DREAM SEQUENCE! i knew from the very beginning that the dream was a TEASE. #2) THE AMBUSH SCENE! it was too easy for thomas to take a truck that could decide the fate of the world. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, IT WAS A GOOD SHOW OVERALL. NOT GREAT, BUT GOOD!!!!!!!!!!


The Dream was fine as a tease. WTF is with the writing? At this rate, Sean will be leading a guerilla/terrorist group against Thomas' World Government.


The only good thing is maybe Vicky return and please put tons of SFX !


Where did all the adventure shows go that used to be on tv? This sure isn't one is it. Can hardly wait for it to get canceled if it does.


I agree with the other comment. The dream sequence annoyed me. It would have been fine had it not been used in the preview to hype the show. The hostage scenes didn't make any sense. You wouldn't discuss you plans where a hostage can hear you. You would keep an eye on the hostage so he can't relay his plans to his leader, and so he can't break free and try to kill you. The ambush sequence, however, is one of the worst things I've seen on network television. First, they had two SUV's to protect something of global security. Next, there is no readily available backup when the ambush begins. And then Thomas is able to drive away with the 18-wheeler and just disappear.


Ok, so a dream sequence? Really? After watching that scene in promos now it was just all a dream? This is insulting. Moving hazardous materials that can change life on this planet as we know it, with just a couple trucks, a few plant workers, and Simon. Yeah, that's a great idea too. That worked out well. How come I knew that it was a set-up long before the characters did?? Oh, right, because I have a brain. This is really geting annoying. What the heck is happening here? I was ready to turn the tv off after the dream sequence revealed itself. I kept saying, "this better not be a dream!" The only bright spot was watching Scott Patterson on screen. He, as always, did a great job. I am not happy with the direction his character has gone though. All of a sudden, he is Mr. Shoot-em-up Bad-Ass for Sophia? I did like the hint to a relationship between the two of them though. Someone actually put some
thought into that part of the story. Sophia really has let her guard down, she is making many mistakes. But I think that is just another example of the horrible direction this show has taken. It was great out of the gate, but it is all in the writing. I felt like I would have to be stupid to believe this show. It's not even about sci-fi vs. reality. It's just basic common sense!

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We don't have the luxury to grieve, we have to find him (Thomas).


We own these homes and the land they sit on. But, this is nothing. Once we use the porthole to bring our people here, then we will own it all.