Secret Life Season Finale Review: "Rules of Engagement"

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On the season finale of Secret Life, we get a chance to see where all of our characters seem to be headed for their future.  Amy and Ricky make a big step in their relationship, Ben and Adrian hint at a future as more than co-parents, and Grace expresses the desire to wild out a bit.

When Amy and Ricky come downstairs after their late night sleepover, they find out Ashley is missing.  It turns out she’s waiting under Ricky’s covers in his apartment, wearing only her underwear.  Ricky freaks and tells her to get dressed and that he’s taking her home.  They have a talk and he says she should wait and have sex with someone she’s in love with and she says she thinks maybe he’s the one.

He states again that he won’t sleep with her and tells Amy what happened.

Seduction Attempt

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Amy heads over to talk to Ashley.  Ashley said she just wanted to get losing her virginity over with and asks why people are always taking risks if they end up getting hurt and hurting others.  This tied in with the fact that Anne found out that George had cheated again.  They decide not to go through with their wedding.

Speaking of engagements, Adrian is flaunting her four-carat sapphire “friendship ring.”  Ben’s dad is rightfully annoyed and Adrian’s parents are confused and conflicted.  Ben thinks he really might end up engaged to Adrian one day and they share a kiss at the end of the episode.  Ben and Amy also share a conversation where they decide to be friends.  Adrian and Ricky speak, as well.

On another note, Grace wants to start indulging in her wild side a little more.  Too bad for her, her mother is very against her having sex and not only talks to Grace, but Grace’s boyfriend Grant about abstinence.  Grant gets freaked out and says they shouldn’t do anything while they are in med camp.

When Grace tells Adrian how she feels about being more daring, Adrian warns her of going too far and making mistakes, alluding to her growing baby bump.  If this kid is so clearly a mistake and she’s pro-choice, I ask again why she decided to keep it.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see if her sentiment changes much as this was the summer finale. 

The episode wrapped on a very sweet note with Ricky, Amy and John experiencing their first family date.  Ricky says he’s happy to have her home and Amy agrees.


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I think this episode was really cute. Although Ashley is getting on my last nerve, I actually agree with the speech she mad about ' people risking getting infections and getting pregnant just for one night of pleasure' but I hate her for trying to go after Ricky of all people. Screw her. Ricky & Amy ftw :D Amy is so damn mature lately! I don't know what got into her, maybe New York? She went from being the most whiny character (aside from Ben) on the show, to being the most level headed character. I hope Ricky can keep it in the pants long enough to give his relationship with Amy a chance. They'd be great together.


I agree. ashley is turning into such a creeper. the "fatal attraction" type. i thought listening outside amy's door was bad, but climbing in ricky's bed takes the cake. and jack is getting annoying, always barging in on everyones conversation. go to football camp already! the kiss btwn. adrian and ben was super cute, and I I hope ricky can stop being a man whore long enough to be in a relationship with amy. I love seeing them together and have been waiting for this moment since the first episode.


Agreed mendie. Jack is total creepy. Also, so is Ashley. I mean she is a major creep. She is a fifteen year old girl who had repeatedly hit on her older sister's baby daddy. And now she runs over there, after knowing that Amy and Ricky are trying to date and after hearing that Ricky would NEVER have sex with her, to climb in his bed naked. She's totally gone. Nothing resonates with her character anymore; she is just unrelatable. I hope when the show starts up again, she snaps out of it or else it's getting too hard to watch her.


I am one of those Secret Life fans who dont quite understand why we like the show we just know that we do. But even I have to admit that on Jack is starting to creep me out. Is it just me or is he turning into crazy stalker guy?

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