The Vampire Diaries Review: A Brave, New, Awesome World

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While last week's premiere served as the conclusion to the first season cliffhanger of Katherine's arrival, last night's installment of The Vampire Diaries set the tone for its sophomore campaign in somewhat slower-paced but equally impressive fashion.

There's a new vampire in Mystic Falls, one quite unlike any we've seen to date. Katherine is gone, for now, but her presence still looms. The Lockwoods are definitely not human. Bonnie has some serious powers and will not hesitate to unleash them.

Candice Accola Picture

Is Mystic Falls ready for a revamped (pun intended) Caroline?

"Brave New World" fleshed out all of these components as brilliantly as we've come to expect, thanks to surprisingly strong acting from a CW series. Katerina Graham, Michael Trevino and particularly Candice Accola were terrific Thursday night.

Watching their characters evolve (literally and otherwise) and new stories come together around the show's core - Elena and the Salvatores - makes this one of TV's best shows. As TVD begins this new chapter, the transition has been smooth so far.

Caroline wishes she could say the same.

Unlike Vicki last season, she figures out exactly what's going on all by herself. She is dead. Katherine killed her. Katherine looks like Elena. Now she's becoming one of the undead.

Can she control her urges? She fought them all night, and did a respectable job under the circumstances. Look at her progress, and the body count could have been a lot higher.

Like Nina Dobrev shifting seamlessly between Elena and Katherine last week, it was fun to essentially watch two Carolines - and we have to say, she makes one bad ass vampire.

We didn't know she had it in her, which made for wildly unpredictable drama. It also potentially sets up a reverse Stefan-Elena situation with poor, sweet Matt when he finds out.

Speaking of secrets waiting to be uncovered, Tyler realizes something's up with his uncle Mason, even if he doesn't know exactly what. He can thank Damon Salvatore for that.

Mason in a Fight

Mason and Tyler played into Damon's hand ... and this poor sap paid the price.

Convinced the Lockwoods have supernatural powers, Damon sends a sacrificial lamb to get his a$$ whomped by Mason. This same guy is later devoured by Caroline. Not his day!

Brazilian Martial Arts? We think not. Are those even real? In any case, we have a hunch Mason's werewolf tendencies are about to be revealed, with Tyler's not too far behind.

While Caroline and Tyler are still coming to grips with what they are, there's no doubting Bonnie's power. She was far from pleased with Damon's mind control stunt, and showed it.

The fact that she can paralyze a vampire could make her quite an adversary if she ever declared war on them. Once again, Elena stepped in to save Damon. Seems to happen a lot.

This isn't us. Elena told Bonnie this, breaking her concentration before Damon could be engulfed in flames. But who is "us" exactly? Elena is running out of human counterparts.

There's still Jeremy, one of Damon's growing list of enemies. In typical fashion, he plotted an assassination of Damon, but then couldn't go through with it, revealing his own plan.

Katherine was not present last night, but it felt like it. Everyone is shaken up and talking about her constantly, and clearly she has unfinished business ... whatever it might be.

Random observations and burning questions from last night:

  • Did Katherine know Caroline had Damon's blood in her pre-smothering?
  • Will Caroline keep controlling her strength, or end up like Vicki?
  • What is the power of the moonstone, TVD mystery heirloom du jour?
  • Why has no one thought of putting vervain in the town water supply? Eh eh?
  • Will the CW fix its sound editing so we can hear dialogue when music plays?

Catch up on our favorite Vampire Diaries quotes now, return to TV Fanatic later today for our Round Table discussion and sound off below: What did you think of the episode?


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Bonnie is annoying...


Why has no one thought of putting vervain in the town water supply? that a good question @ "i dream of D.E.S" is not about the vampires not drinking water I would said if the people drink the water the vampires cant drink the peoples blood.


Why has no one thought of putting vervain in the town water supply? Eh eh?
Probably because vampires don't drink water and it wouldn't affect them?

Steve marsi

You guys are right, I forgot how much Kat found out while masquerading as Elena last week. Also, Caroline could better deliver a message if she were undead, rather than for real dead. My bad!

Well thats too bad

Did Katherine know Caroline had Damon's blood in her pre-smothering?
Will Caroline keep controlling her strength, or end up like Vicki? 1.) katherine knew for sure. she seemed to know a lot when it came to elena's world and her friends and like someone pointed out, given katherine's message to her and bonnie's slip of the tongue. she knew. 2.) i think caroline would be in control of it a lot better than vicki would because we've already seen that caroline is a lot stronger of a person. but i raise a question of my own. how many caught the foreshadowing of caroline's eventual death? i know i did.


I am going to chime in on the first two questions. 1. Since Katherine gave Caroline a message for Damon/Stefan, I am saying "yes" she knew that Caroline had vamp blood in her. 2. Given the heightened emotions and her love for Matt he would be the hardest to resist (Damon mentioned that to Vicki about Jeremy). Yet she was still able to suppress the blood lust on her first attempt around Matt after learning how from Stefan. Night and day different from Vicki (RIP).


"Did Katherine know Caroline had Damon's blood in her pre-smothering?" Yes, I would assume so. Bonnie inadvertently told Katherine in their first interaction at the Lockwood house, before she realized it wasn't Elena. "He's walking around like he's some kind of hero for healing Caroline..."


The whole of last season i was begging the writers to kill off Caroline and today i found myself begging to keep her alive! Caroline definitly stole the show with her humor and kind of badassness plz WRITERS dont kill of another good character!


Great episode. Love the new Caroline!!

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