Venture Brothers Review: "The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-Glider"

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The Venture Bros. returned last night with the second half of its sixteeen episode season four last night with "The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-Glider."  Even though the show was on hiatus for nine months, the episode just jumped right into the action and picked things up where they left off last December.


It's really best not to look the episode as a season premiere, because the seasons were never intended to be split so far apart.  And as far as an episode goes, it was fantastic.

"The Butter-Glider" opened up with a great action sequence with some crazy driving by Sgt. Hatred and some excellent shooting by Hank until he ran out of gun food.  Without any pedophile jokes, Hatred was actually very entertaining this week, which was important, as he played a key part with Brock trapped inside the incapacitated Dr. Venture.

Speaking of which, it was pretty impressive that the show's main protagonist didn't speak a single line and the show completely felt natural.  It's just proof of how developed and likable every character is on this cartoon.

You can literally swap between good and evil, as they did often in this episode, and find yourself rooting for both side.  Heck, sometimes I prefer watching 21 and The Monarch to the Venture Bros.  There's a reason that this cartoon has become our favorite show on television, animated or not.

As usual, the episode was loaded with hilarious (un)pop eighties references, like the entire premise being based on Fantastic Voyage or Innerspace to a lesser extent.  Plus there were plenty of earlier VB references for fans like Rusty's arm re-attachment surgery, calling out the missing number seven clones, and the amazing college episode.

While it's really tough to complain about anything, my only issue is the episode is mostly due to Cartoon Network and scheduling outside the writers' control.  We just felt a little lost as we got thrown right back into the action.  For a show that has such impressive continuity, what happened to 21 and Brock teaming up at the end "Pinstripes & Poltergeists?"

Owell.  At least five minutes into the episode, it felt like we had our old show back and it never left us for those nine months without releasing its episodes on DVD in its absence. Promise you'll never do that to us again. 

Oh and also tell us Monarch is still alive after that submarine falling on him.  We couldn't watch the show without the guy.  It's been tough enough each week with only getting 24 in ghost form.  Speaking of which, thanks for that moment.


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This is the second review of this episode i've seen where the critic is wondering why we don't hear about the 21/Brock team up on Monstroso. And my reaction is simply, are you really surprised they don't mention it? This show has many times lacked explanation of the final scene. Most notably, Brock and past Brock cutting up Edgar Allen Poe to put Hank inside, at the end of "Return to the house of mummies". We never know how they made it back. Or in "Guess whos coming to state dinner", did the maid really remove the force field with club soda? And one more, in "powerless in the face of death" the season 2 premiere, we never know how Dr Venture was put back together. Has it really taken this long to realize Doc and Jackson like to leave loose ends?


Wow great review! I love the Venture Bros., it's one of two TV shows I faithfully watch! I I hope the Monarch doesn't die, they showed him getting attacked by Hank and Dean zombies, and also in what appears to be a coma with Dr. Mrs. The Monarch over him. And the way this episode went, she might start to, at the very least, recognize 21's attraction to her, and what with the Monarch starting to realize his own mortality here, things might getting interesting! And the Venture brothers. Hanks is hands down my favorite character there, I can really relate to him (to a certain extent.) But now they stumbled on their "previous carnation" bodies, and they may start to get wise! That's something I'm looking foward to, as well as them graduating, and moving out on their own! And Pete White, and Master Billy, with those snazzy rides, wow. They might get into the super scientist gig yet! Better late than never! I wonder if they will live with Dr.Venture or, if they get their own supervillan! And Triana and Orpheus! I wonder if there's even a slim chance of Dean and Triana getting together, and if Triana will be as powerful as her father. I wonder if she'll join her friend and be a supervillan? I wonder how her studing will go, and it's going to be amazing.
This is why I like Venture Bros. so much, DEVELOPING STORYLINE! That's what american cartoons need, though I understand why so many don't use it to certain extent. I CAN'T WAIT!


Fixed. Thanks, Nick.


You got 21 and 24 backwards.

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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Hatred: There just wasn't anymore they could have done.
Dean: They could have tried.
Hatred: I know, but he didn't have any insurance and they wouldn't accept my diner's club card.

I'm out of gun food.