White Collar Summer Season Finale Review: "Point Blank"

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Last night's episode of White Collar ended in quite the shocking twist! But, before we get to that, let's review what happened in "Point Blank."

We finally got to see what was inside that music box, and of course, it was another secret code.

Neal on a Mission

Since this was the mid-season finale, I wouldn't expect anything less from Jeff Eastin. Last year at this time, Neal was being framed and had to jump out of windows to escape from getting arrested. This year, we can only imagine what the music code means to our guys.

Probably one of my favorite scenes from last night had to be when Mozzie and Neal put together the fake case for Peter. Each part of making the case authentic was awesome. From the coffee stain to the perfume to having Mozzie serenade Neal with the Batman theme song - all had me laughing out loud.

I was happy that Fowler finally gave us (some) of the answers we have been waiting to understand. Because it was Kate's idea to fake her and Neal's death with the bomb, do you still think there's a slight chance that she is not dead?

Fowler also made it clear that it was not him who she called right before the plane blew up; even though it was traced back to his phone number. So if Fowler is telling the truth, who could have made the switch of numbers on the black box?

It would have to be someone very cunning. Someone that's always been one step ahead of our boys. Could be Julian Larson?

I just want to take this moment to make a quick shout out to all of The Gates fans out there! How great was it to see our poor, late Christian alive and doing well on another program?! And by the looks of it, Paul Blackthorne will definitely bring it when this season comes back again in January.

The final scene really left me in shock! Of course, our beloved Mozzie can't die, but it was still quite disheartening to watch him topple over and suffer from the shot to the chest. Re-watching it, I noticed Julian getting something out of his pocket before he left him there to die. What do you think it could be?

Overall, I was happy the way the writers tied up all the loose ends, but still left us wondering what will happen next. What did you think of last night's episode? Love it or love to hate it - let us know!

Until January, we leave you with a few of our favorite White Collar quotes below:

Peter: Did you kill her?
Fowler: No.
Peter: You're gonna tell me who did. | permalink
Peter: Look at me Neal. Look at me. This isn't who you are. | permalink
Neal: I have five shots left - that's the only warning you get. Tell me why you killed Kate. | permalink
Mozzie: It's a dark day when I turn to the system instead of recoiling. | permalink
Hale: What happened to the goatee, you know I liked it?
Mozzie: We all grow up. | permalink


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Absolutely brilliant!!! This is surely on of the greatest show of all time. This finale wraps up a lot and make for a great season and premier in January. They can't not kill Mozzie off it would completely make no sense and the it would just ruin the show! Mozzie is one of the center piece in this show and needs to be in the next season!


i too never post comments but when mozzie got shot, my heart sank. i love his character and think he should get his own show.


I think what the shooter took out of Mozzie's pocket at the end was the notebook containing the solution to the code that Moz and the antiques guy discovered ... there was a scene when Moz came in to Neal's room all excited about cracking the code -- and he had the notebook in his hand.


This is one of the best shows on TV. If Mozzie dies, I'll never watch this again in the history of mankind.


Mozzie can not die he makes the show please bring him back


OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG they better not kill Mozzie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG....they better not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


I too have never left a comment on any television show. We can't believe you killed Mozzie. I certainly hope you have a plan for January that reverses what appears to have happened. I'm thinking what "miatb" said. If not, we will have a hard time watching.


All I have to say is if they kill of Mozzie i'm done watching!! I love the show, but that would just be wrong!


You can't kill of Mozzie!!!!! He may not be the main character, but he helps make the show what it is!!!! I love this show-and Matt is HOT!!!


I don't usually post comments, but have to agree that last night's show was incredible. And Angela hit the nail on the head with how hot Neal looked last night. Between his intensity and passionate immersion into his quest for the truth, he wove together the best of the best. Fingers crossed on Mozzie's fate. He is a pivotal character for sure.

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