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The bring the music box to Mozzie who helps the decipher the second code inside the music box. Neal puts it together that Alex must have been able to put together the music box had a secret code - so off they go in search of her.

The easiest way to catch Alex is to con the FBI by putting together a fake case that Neal knows Peter will want to follow.

Neal gets Alex to break into Diana’s house to steal the music box and donate it to the museum in order to drawl Fowler out of hiding.

Meanwhile, Peter is hot on the case to find Fowler. Peter finds out that Fowler was the one who placed an order for the parts of the bomb.

Neal breaks out of his ankle monitor and heads to the museum where Fowler has barricaded himself inside. With action packed moves, Neal breaks in to Fowler’s room and demands to know why he killed Kate.

Fowler tells Neal that he didn’t kill her, but Neal doesn’t believe him. Peter rushes in and is able to disarm Neal.

Fowler tells them that it was a bigger man that he didn’t know who it was. Kate told Fowler that she really wanted to get away with Neal and was the one who came up with the idea to blow up the plane. Fowler had no idea why the plane exploded early.

Later, Peter shows Fowler a picture of the unnamed man and Fowler tells him he knows who it is - a man he trained with back in the day.

Peter gets a call of a homicide in the same store Neal was at.  Diana and Peter get there and the music from the music box is playing. There’s also video surveillance of Neal in the store. Peter knows that the killer will be after Neal.

Diana and Peter rush in to catch the killer and Alex turns up at Neal’s place. She tells them that she was just saying good-bye to Neal and leaves. Peter tells Neal why they ran into his place when Neal puts together it wasn’t him that the killer is after, but Mozzie.

The episode ends with Mozzie sitting on a park bench and the killer coming out of nowhere and shooting him in the chest.

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Matt Bomer's acting in the final scenes of "Point
Blank" are searing, emotional, and Emmy-worthy. Bravo!!


usa,please dont kill mozzie


I can not believe Moz was shot. I am hoping that he won't die :( he is my absolute favorite.


I looove this show but i don't think mozzie's dead. He's a main character for pete's sake.
Especially loved the scene with Neal about to shoot fowler.


Well, Mozzie was shot in the heart and in reality would DIE! If they kill him off though the show is ruined. He adds so much to the show with his humor. The writer's are doing a fantastic job with the characters and I love how they give Mozzie all those cute lines and funny actions.


I don't think Mozzie was killed. Peter and Neal probably get there in time to save him. The guy that shot him took a cd and it most likely had Mozzie's half of the secret code on it. The killer got the first half of the code from the antique shop where the Asian guy was deciphering part of the code. Mozzie split the code in half purposely so somebody couldn't get both parts of the code and decipher it but doesn't seem like that worked out. Can't wait until next season and Mozzie better be alright!!


I believe Mozzie will survive and I think the code got solved and it was a tape or some other way of deciphering it in Mozzie's pocket. Hope I'm right, my husband and I both hated the thought that Mozzie might die.


I cant wait for January but please dont let mozzie die without him the show wont be the same.


Love this twisted "intel" show of which Moz is an integral part. USA Bring Back Mozzie Alive!!!


MUST HAVE BEEN A SUIT to make that decision to kill off Mozzie. USA BRING HIM BACK!!!!

White Collar Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

(speaking to the music box) We've been so close, but now we finally meet.


Peter: Is this a good idea?
Neal: You have a better one?