Who is Returning for True Blood Season Four?

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Eric may have committed himself to death by sunlight at the conclusion of the previous True Blood episode... but it's safe to assume Alexander Skarsgard and the core cast will return to the show next season.

But what about a variety of supporting players? What is their status for the summer of 2011? Let's find out:

TB Characters
  • Joe Manganiello has already been made a series regular.
  • Denis O'Hare will reprise the role of Russell Edgington, appearing late in season four.
  • Kevin Alejandro (Jesus) will also return, Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) says: "We're partners in crime now, my boy toy, so he will be back."
  • Marshall Allman as Tommy Merlotte? On board.
  • Same for Lauren Bowles as Holly, as witches will be a key focus of season four.

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when will russell return he is awesome


One of the reasons I love True Blood is the fact that almost all of the actors are so very talented. The Joe guy playing Alcide is just not in their league. I am sorry to see him returning besides which his voice grates on my last nerve.


well i think that tommy is a retadred character. And i really wish sookie and eric would get together already and if she doesnt get with him then she should try out the were wolf (anybody but bill). I hope baby jessica and hoyt stay together. They look so cute. And i wanna know whats gonna happen with kitch and jason. If its nothing then there was really no point including him. And i really wish tara would just take a moment to remain single by herself. I think thats best. But overall i love this season. Every sunday im excited as hell. Cant wait til next sunday.


Thank you Julien. :D I agree with you Satelliteheartx. He is dull, no decent storylines, etc. The character screams annoyance. He either needs to wake up to himself or get a shovel to the back of his head so someone else can do it for him.


UGH! Tommy. He's seriously such an awful character.


completely agree with you aries93


Why not just say they're staying instead of making us open the page and find out?
Wouldn't it have also been best to post after the series finale as it saves us from guessing?

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