90210 Review: Teddy Goes Mel Gibson, Sasha Goes Magic Johnson

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Let's change things up a bit on this week's review of 90210. With numerous storylines being thrown at viewers, and a few one-liners that deserve special mention, join me for a point-by-point rundown of "The Bachelors."

  • Good call by participants in our 90210 forum. When they heard awhile ago that Sasha was returning, many guessed she'd deliver HIV-related news. If I believed for a millisecond that the show would take a major leap and give Dixon this disease, I'd be intrigued by this development. But we all know it will just result in a scare and a lesson about safe sex, don't we?
  • Dixon did at least make me laugh out loud once, as he told Ivy not to worry, many people pay for their first time.
  • I'm all for protection, but are you a PSA or a television show aiming at realism, 90210? No one has a variety of condoms just available in her living room drawer. Unless Laurel has a very different occupation than we've been led to believe, that is.
Charity Auction Scene
  • By the way, Silver: way to screw over breast cancer research just to avoid sending Dixon on an awkward date. Who knows how high Sasha would have bid?
  • Speaking of the auction: what's the highest you'd pay for one of these men, and who would it be?
  • It's "Iranian men?" Sorry, but I laughed at that, too.
  • What a waste of a cliffhanger from last week's episode. Naomi just awakens from her overdose, actually seems more healthy/functional than usual, learns she has the support of her friends... and that's it?
  • Teddy erupting with that "fagot" comment? Didn't see it coming. Ivy referencing Mel Gibson in a humorous, apt quip? Same.
  • My wife, upon seeing Liam and Ian go at it: "This seems like an unfair fight. "That guy's tiny... and Teddy's like 40."
  • Annie doesn't wanna be reminded that she's a murderer? Funny. Neither do any viewers. We've spent weeks in therapy, trying to forget that storyline ever existed.
  • What's there to even say about Charlie being revealed as Liam's half-brother? For now, it just seems like another contrived obstacle to get in delay a relationship between Liam and Annie.

Overall, a decent episode with a few funny lines. But there's no real tension in any major storylines due to their total predictability (Let us guess: Dixon's won't be HIV positive, Annie won't sell her eggs, Mr. Cannon will be brought to justice and Teddy will be reveal himself to be gay). Do you agree? Do you wish 90210 offered more surprises?

Even when it doesn't, it can at least offer up a few hot bodies. Click on each one below for a larger view:

Studs Working It
Stripping Navid
Topless Liam


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What is the brand of the brown/ tan suede dress annie wears talking to her mom with the black belt in the Bachelors episode?


I think oscar paid sasha to come back and tell dixon she had aids. How else would she had known he was in the auction the boys names werent on the flyers. Now finding out he could have aids dixon will call ivy with a lame excuse or blow her off completly resulting in ivy ending up in oscar arms and bed. After he have sex with ivy he will reveal it to her mom and dixon who by then would have found out he didnt have aids . So then ivy and dixon will be over. All oscar wanna do is ruin her and her moms life.


i want sixon bck...


This was really a great episode! actually this is my favorite and oh god lannie scenes were all soooo cute! Why cant they just be together?? but annie and charlie is boring.

Anna maria

omg..Liam is soo HOT! I feel so sorry for Ivy, will Dixon stand her up now, omg I hope he doesn't really have aids! poor dixon..

Anna maria

is it just me who thinks annie's new guy looks like a woman??


Ok, I know I'm being so anal but when Adrianna was talking to her new "manager", he said the gig was Saturday night. She said she couldn't do it because she was performing at the benefit that same night. Cut to the night of the benefit, the posters in the hallway for the event say Friday.


@Re: You should not lower nor raise your expectations for a TV show because either way you may not be able to get the kind of results that you want nor demand that you want to see. It isn't insulting that I'm saying you expect too much. It kinda sucks the enjoyment of actually watching the show when you do. But I guess calling Shenae Grimes a "skeleton" is not how you define an insult to a program nor the same way you tend to give out clearly biased reviews. The comments on last Monday's episode alone have been mostly positive and doesn't always reflect the reviews you made for every 90210 episode. Like you I have hopes for 90210 this season to gives us stories that will keep us invested. Predictable as they may seem, let the stories play out. And it still seems like you can't get over the season 2 storylines.


great show last night i think the biggest thing so far that 90210 has lacked compared to beverly hills is the friendship they had. I think they are finally showing how good of friend they are together liam staying with dixon adrianna and silver plus annie naomi silver and adrianna can actually become great friends ! I think 90210 is stepping up i mean beverly hill wasnt built in a day ethier ya know its only season 3 hopefully it goes until 10 like the original but i also dont know where they are going to go with potential hook ups later in the show maybe bring in new characters but i thought that was what teddy was for but now hes gay which is cool i knew they would do that with one character i just dont know if it should have been teddy they could have got him to hook up with other characters in the show i think that they should do oscar and naomi after his ivy story line is over lol idk let me know what u think

Matt richenthal

@James: I am 1,000,000% sure Dixon will not get HIV and Annie will not sell her eggs.
I'm all for character development, but has 90210 ever done a decent job at that? You insult the show by telling me to lower expectations on one hand, and then try to defend by saying it's a well-paced, well-written character study? Are you mistaking 90210 for Mad Men?

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