90210 Round Table: "How Much is That Liam in the Window"

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90210 moved many storylines forward this week, while also giving both male and female viewers a bit of skin to stare at.

Indeed, "How Much is That Liam in the Window" was mostly an enjoyable episode, as we invite readers to chime in on the following 90210 Round Table topics...

What was your favorite scene from the episode?
M.L. House: Ivy's fight with her mom. I thought Oscar's grand plan for revenge was pretty lame, but at least Ivy sold her pain well when she called her mother a "whore."

LJ Gibbs: Gotta love Navid and Dixon taking photos of a shirtless Liam at work. That's totally the kind of thing I'd do if a friend was ever in the same situation.

The Barnacle: I enjoyed the scene where Naomi and Jen talked about the former's rape. These sisters have quite the contentious history, but props to Jen for showing a soft side when it mattered most.

90210 RT, Take 2

Is Adrianna making a mistake?
M.L. House: Not really. Look, the music business is cut throat and this is her dream, right? The odds are heavily stacked against her and I can't blame her for making the decisions she's made. Has anyone actually been hurt by them? No.

LJ Gibbs: Yes, only because she should be honest with Navid. Don't pretend to be innocent. Don't even show regret over the pictorial or use of Javier's song book. Tell him you're going all out to accomplish this career and he can get on board or get out.

The Barnacle: Yes. She should go full frontal! Then her career will really take off.

How did Liam and Charlie get those scars?
M.L. House: They look like burns to me. There's clearly a lot we will have to learn about their family history.

LJ Gibbs: Maybe some kind of cage-fighting? I could see 90210 taking an interesting storyline, one full of potential, and ruining it with some ridiculous revelation, couldn't you?

The Barnacle: They were given a choice: watch Shenae Grimes act or take a whipping. They chose the latter.

Do you want Annie to end up with Charlie or Liam?
M.L. House: Is one of them moving out of the country any time soon? If so, I'd choose that brother.

LJ Gibbs: Liam. The two of them never really had a chance, as it seemed silly for Annie to freak out over that boat incident on the season premiere. I'd love to see what happened if the show actually gave the time to develop as a couple.

The Barnacle: Ethan!

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and what about Dixon's Bisexual Friend?? And WHERE is George? And Kellan Lutz? Have Silver get emancipated or something because the whole thing that she's livign with her sister yet, never sees her....is ridiculous. I liked it better when Liam lived with his parents btw.


also... can we bring Naomis mother back? also can we ACTUALLY finish the storyline about Naomi and Annie's Brother? Also where the efff did Ty and Rhonda go? Suddenly they dissappeared from the school?


Since the moment Ethan left the show, it's gone downhill!




I totally agree about bringing Ethan back....and I'm still disappointed they broke Liam and Naomi up!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
I have to say as well Ivy's showing her pain to her mother,which was the best acting,I have ever seen from this girl snice she been on this show. Is Adrianna making a mistake?
Yes & No,Yes because this guy will drop her as soon as she is fading away and no because even with him being all mean he helped her get where she is at now. How did Liam and Charlie get those scars?
I say they were attack my mary-anne. Do you want Annie to end up with Charlie or Liam?
I say nither only because I wish Liam will end up with Teddy and Charlie is a creep and ugly plus I say bring Ethan back!!!

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