Bones Spoilers: Hannah Story "Still Evolving"

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From the moment many Bones fans laid eyes on Hannah, Booth's journalist girlfriend, they started counting the days until she leaves town ... or even plotted her demise.

People are not fans.

We hate to break it to you that Katheryn Winnick’s stint as Booth’s lover (and Brennan’s new BFF) doesn’t actually have an end date, according to Entertainment Weekly.

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How long will Hannah stick around on Bones?

“We don’t know how long she’s going to be with us this season,” says executive producer Stephen Nathan. “We want to keep it open. Hannah’s story is still evolving."

"At this point we don’t know how exactly we want to wrap it up. And even if she does go away, we want to leave open the possibility that she may come back.”

Guess that rules out her being taken out by the sniper?

It's very much unclear, but there's also this tidbit:

“I’m working on an episode now where Brennan and Hannah’s friendship is tested,” Nathan adds. “It relates to something that happened between Booth and Brennan at the end of the Brennan-centric episode. It creates some significant friction between Booth, Brennan, and Hannah that has to be worked out.”

Any thoughts or comments on what that might be?

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omg!!! i agree with you guys ,I love bones its my favourite show but its kind of boring seeing no tension, i miss when booth and bones had the look.Now hannah is here and i just go blank!! She is really nice,but how long do we have to wait for b&b to get together its been years plp!! I think she needs to go!! NOW!!!


If they are going to make booth in love with some one then they need to bring a good looking man for bones. Because im voting on not watching another season unless we can see bones in a committed relationship for once with a hot guy worth making a committment to that could open the door again for booth and bones. The show is getting really boring with out all the tension.


i think miss hanna really needs to go!!!!! she's making the show crumble!!!! she's a big earthquake!!!! just get her out of there (in bed with booth especially)!!!! i agree with some of the comments the writters are tearing the show appart!!!! when will booth and bones be together and when will parker have a baby sister or brother (from bones and booth's)!!!!!! it's heart breaking!!!! thoe my heart wont break cuz it's made of muscle and blood!!!!!! they are wonderfully made for each other!!!!!


Sorry...I hate the Hannah Dynamic because it cheapens the Booth/Brennan relationship. I agree with Priscila, work and school keep me annoyed and stressed enough why add to it. Especially when I can laugh my butt off with The Big Bang Theory and $#!& my Dad says. which are both amazingly funny. I use to make sure I was back from class by the time Bones started but not anymore, it's sad to watch the show crumble the way it has.


I hate the Hannah dynamic it just cheapens the Booth/


I do not even enjoy watching Bones anymore. I used to DVR it and watch it a second (or third, or fourth, etc.) time. Now, I delete it. I literally would not mind not watching until Hannah is GONE if I had someone to alert me when she leaves. There is a way to create conflict with a love interest; this show doesn't do it well. This whole story is so ridiculous and unrealistic that it makes me ill. It cheapens the 5-year investment we had in the Bones/Booth interaction. They need to drop the idiotic Hannah stuff and get back to The REAL Bones that we all loved, ran home to see, and watched over and over again. I feel like the show died, and I just want it back.


I love bones, but it really is getting tiresome watching them dance around the idea of putting booth and brennan together. the storylines of where this relationship has gone and is going are just getting more and more unrealistic and irritating to watch. i'd love to say that im going to watch bones until it ends, but i don't know how much longer myself-and a lot of other people-are going to keep watching them avoid the subject altogether.


The comment above about the "center not holding" got it right on. If Bones and Booth aren't together...or even in the process of figuring it out JUST THE TWO OF THEM...then there isn't that much reason to watch. And, quite frankly, if by the end of this series these two don't find each other finally, there is gonna be one less person buying the Bones season dvds. Why bother if you know the ending is one you don't like?


I have work to keep me annoyed on a daily basis, thank you very much! Why be annoyed with Hannah if I can easily laugh with "The Big Bang Theory" on the same time-slot? The science is not intriguing anymore, jolly-in-love-jerk-Booth makes me want to throw that rotary phone at him, the family feel of the team is vanishing (the center is not holding) and now we'll have to hold our breaths until the never-ending-Hannah storyline disappears... Drama alone doesn't make for a good television. I bet they are out of good cases, so they're using that soap opera device as a desperate try to keep things fresh.


I sooo agree.... Hannah needs to GO!!! :) Brennan and Booth need to get together already!!!!

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