Castle Preview: "Anatomy of a Murder"

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There was no time-traveling killer this week on Castle, much to the chagrin of the show's title character.

But he might need to prepare himself for an even more frightening scenario on the October 18 episode of this ABC hit: Gina getting close to Alexis.

As for the featured investigation on "Anatomy of a Murder," it will center around a dead doctor and Beckett and Castle's venturing into the world of bed-hopping physicians in order to determine the killer. Get an early look at this installment now:

[video url="" title="Anatomy of a Murder Promo"] [/video]

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CASTLE was kissing Gina.


who was that beckett was kissing? cuz it looked 2 me a bit like castle, but i don't think that's possible.... and the part where he tells her "i love u", i think he's reading something, and not actually telling her that


Castle Quotes

Oh, absolutely not! You will not and do you know why? Because you're a fighter. What have you always told me? No one will give you anything in this life. You must earn it and look at you. Almost 20 years later and you're back on Broadway. You have earned this.

Rick Castle

Beckett: What am I supposed to charge him with? Being a twin? Castle: Being an evil twin in a magic murder.