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Simply put, this entire episode had me on the edge of my seat. Fringe is such an amazing show, capturing its audience’s attention with such a suspenseful and engaging storyline. 

“The Box” begins with two men digging up some strange-looking metallic box under the basement of a house.  How did this box get there to begin with? Once it is opened, many people grotesquely die. 

Subway Station Scene

The Fringe team gets called in to investigate, and Walter determines the box is a deadly music box, creating ultrasonic waves able to kill its victims.  How does Walter really know so much?  There couldn’t be a Fringe Division without you, Dr. Bishop!

Honestly, Walter is so brilliant we wouldn’t be surprised if he (our Walter) was intentionally responsible for the entire dooms day machine.  Now that would be a great and entertaining twist!  Do we believe it?  Absolutely NOT… our Walter has never deliberately hurt a fly. 

But that is why this show is so amazing: it is Walter in another universe!  Walter is Walternate.  There has to be more connections between the characters in both universes that the writers haven’t revealed yet.  I know there is a twist coming and can't wait to see what happens next.    

Walter then attends the reading of William Bell’s will.  Bell leaves Walter his entire nest egg, Massive Dynamic.  Walter is now extremely wealthy and powerful.  Will that change his life and what he believes in?  Walter now has more power and information to help his side win the war against Walternate.  We have the feeling Massive Dynamic might be the key the Bishops need to beat Walternate and save our universe, save both universes.  Isn't it interesting that now Walter is rich and powerful just like Walternate?  Maybe eventually both universes will merge into one.

I despise Bolivia and how she is using her powers of seduction to cloud Peter’s judgment.  Can’t believe she was able to just shoot and kill Blake without one moment’s hesitation.  Our Olivia has never deliberately killed someone.  This solidifies the fact that our side is good and their side is evil.

The entire episode has us believing that we want Peter and Walter to intercede and take the box away from Bolivia and Newton.  As it turns out, that was their plan all along!  Walternate wants Peter to have the box and all the deaths along the way were just a ploy to get him involved and interested. 

One thing is certain, Peter knows the box is part of the dooms day machine and he will definitely do everything in his power to prevent the destruction of our world. 

Walternate seems to be winning the war so far, especially with Bolivia on his team.  Will good triumph over evil in the end?  Which world will survive the war?

On a side note, when the man’s head blew up in the tunnel… I literally jumped up and screamed! Really did not see that one coming did you?

Until next week, here are a few of our favorite Fringe quotes to keep you entertained:

Walter: I need to go back to the market, aspirin. We need to go to the market.
Broyles: Is he ok?
Peter: Well he's Walter, define ok. | permalink
Bolivia: We've been back for two days and Walter is already driving you to drink.
Peter: Can you blame me? | permalink
Bolivia: Peter the truth is I'm scared too. The last few weeks have been hard on all of us. Of course there's always the temporary fix.
Peter: The temporary fix?
Bolivia: Distraction (as she kisses Peter). | permalink
Walter: 10th street, I frequented a massage parlor just around the corner. I used to get off right here.
Peter: I sure hope you're talking about the station Walter. | permalink


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I think the Doomsday machine is not something either Walter or Walternate constructed. I believe it is something Walternate found. He told Peter it was very old tech, which leads me to believe it was the invention of the First People who appear in the red-tinged opening credits for Over-There-Fringe. Several vague references have been made to their not being the original inhabitants of this world, so I think Walternate is attempting to awaken an ancient weapon.


I think the universes are going to collide - like in season 2 when buildings were crossing over. Notice how in episode one, Olivia wanted to go to Massive Dynamic but there was just some park? Open space. Big enough to fit the Massive Dynamic from our side if it should cross over...


This review is on point. I agree with pretty much everything you said. I loved Walter and Peter, but Bolivia needs to die soon.


Great review, this show keeps getting better and better. I was actually thinking maybe Bell already built a doomsday machine on our side and wanted Walter to use it before they used theirs against us. Who knows, I wouldn't be shocked if it was in the basement of Massive Dynamic or something.


Did anyone see the end? Something about "getting to Dr. Bishop" or w.e... If Bolivia hurts Walter in anyway shape or form I am not going to be happy. I love Walter!! She's already pissing me off enough making out with Peter all the time.


Gawd...I hope that Peter realizes that it is Bolivia and not our Olivia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I couldn't agree with you more @Agent SAHM when you said, "Isn't it interesting that now Walter is rich and powerful just like Walternate? Maybe eventually both universes will merge into one." I definitely think something drastic will happen to merge the universes. Good call!