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someone plz explain scissoring to me plz! i've nvr heard of it b4


hated it.
defs one of my leat fav episodes.
-No Puck. Juvie? really? ._.
-All About... Sam. Not a fan, at all. How many shower/bathroom scenes did they wanna give him? I didnt see any depth to his character at all, is he just there for a pretty (yet not so) face?

this ep isnt the Glee i love. i hope the Rocky Horror one does us justice!!!!


My question for Chord: I've seen you telling people to follow your brother's band on Twitter. Can you tell us more about Hot Chelle Rae? =)


It's my imagination or glee is turning a little to sexual since the britney episode?
i mean... scissoring, come on!
it was fun though, good episode.
i loved mike chang,his duet with tina was hilarious!


really great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! quinn and sam should totally get together and so should brittney and artie.


Sam and Quinn are adorable! Kurt and Rachel at the end were superb. Mike and Tina? I LOVE it that Mike sings now. But, i was kinda shocked that it was kinda not a song?! huh? But, on top of it I just LOVE Mike Chang. Why do I feel that Tina and Mike won't last long? Look forward to see him really sing.


@Stephen I think mark salling is out, he's pursuing his music career. hope to see him back though :(


ohh sam and quinn are so cute! my favorite couple now. I want to see puck's raction when he's out. santana and brittany are so weird, so slutty, they hook up with all the guys and with themselves, and santana's always talking about her and puck yet we've never seen them kissing..hmm
but I love brittany, she apparently now has feelings for artie..her scene alone with the meatball was priceless!


How is it ignorant to not know what scissoring is


OMG! I am totally in love with Sam and Quinn now! They're just "so frickin' charming!"

Love, love the episode! Looking forward to the next eppy!

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