Glee Round Table: "Duets"

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Did a lack of a tribute and a lack of a theme actually contribute to this week's Glee episode ranking as the best of the season?

That's one of the questions we tackle in this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table...

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
M.L. House: Brittany was so funny, she made me barely miss Sue Sylvester. My favorite of all her one-liners? When she told Artie she thought he was a robot.

LJ Gibbs: Finn's response to Kurt claiming he had problems with gay people: "I have issues with the fact that you don't understand that 'no means no.'" I was thrilled the show went back and revisited this plot from last season.

The Barancle: Good call, LJ. This was a strong Finn episode all around, so I'll give him props for his subtle, yet hilarious, line about his love life to Sam: "I'm with Rachel now. She's a lot shorter than Quinn and she talks a lot, but I love her."

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What was your favorite song from the episode?
M.L. House: Mercedes and Santana made for an unexpected tandem and I loved "River Deep, Mountain High."

LJ Gibbs: I have to go with Tina and Mike's version of "Sing!" I could watch that guy dance all day long. It wouldn't even have to be an Asian dance.

The Barancle: "Lucky." Sorry, Puck, but I'm fully on board the Suinn train. Just one episode sold me on Sam and Quinn.

Was this the best episode of the season?
M.L. House: Definitely. Glee has created great characters, but it doesn't always use them well. The Britney episode was nothing but an excuse to showcase her songs, and "Grilled Cheesus" had to concoct an extreme situation in order to lay on a heavy-handed message. But "Duets" was fun and emotional and didn't feel forced in any way.

LJ Gibbs: I enjoyed the season premiere better. Coach Beiste was a great addition to the cast and I hope we see more of her.

The Barancle: Sure, it felt contrived and didn't really represent top-notch storytelling. But I'm a Britney lover, what can I say? Heather Morris was amazing that week.

Should the show have made a reference to "scissoring?"
M.L. House: Wow. We're getting deep and controversial here, huh? I'm a liberal guy, but I say no. It was simply unnecessary in the scene. It's cute to have Santana and Brittany flirt and joke about the occasional same-sex hookup. But to actually go this far and mention such a graphic act? It didn't advance the plot and was simply a tad too much for the family hour of 8 p.m.

LJ Gibbs: Probably not, for most of the same reasons cited above by Mr. House. Sex is clearly a relevant topic and I'm happy the show tackles it in a typically responsible manner. But Brittany was involved in this scene and slept with Artie like a half hour later?!? She is only supposed to be 16, right?

The Barancle: I think it's fine because it was so subtle and went over the heads of anyone too young to understand anyway. But I have to wonder: would the show depict a similar scene with Kurt and a guy and make a reference to "69ing?"

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AND (I think it'll be my last comment loool) Indeed, first time they actually showed us Britanny and Santana together... They usually mentionned it or gave us hints but this time, they did this... I wonder why...


Yeah and about Brittany, at the end, the fact that she was actually hurt by Artie's word was really well done. It did somethin to me... I can't describe it...


Actually I was bored by s2 from the beginnig to NOW !! This episode was AWESOME !!! Best so far ! The duets... MMMMMM !! Delicious !
-'River deep, Mountain High' gave me the goose !!!! Santana and Mercedes 's voices matched perfectly !Love their dancing too !!
-I'm totally on board to 'Blondie-land' !! Love Sam and Quinn !! They were soo cute and OK together. I mean after all the crap she's been through, it could be a good thing to have Sam in her life, sort of a break. He's so nice... I'll wait though to see how it goes, especially if Puck comes back (loool). And loved the "Nav'i" and "the big secret" about Sam loool ! so funny. Their duet was 'charming' as Santana said lol.
-Rachel, Rachel... she was really great ! I mean what she said to Kurt was so nice, and sincere... And their duet: O M G ! If they had don it in front of the all group, they would have won !
-The duet "Sing" made me laugh soooo much lool ! But actually, even if it was strange, it was pretty good, reminding me of a musical in a way.
- No Sue this week, big relief ! I didn't even notice ! It was nice not to have the drama she always put on when she's around lool !
- Artie/Brittany, average...
-Finn and Rachel's duet was laughable !! The musicality was great, their voices and all, but visually, it was awful... lol. Though they did it on purpose, so...
-Kurt's "duet" MAGNIFICENT ! It was wow !


because I`m sure we have more than enough references to *shudders* hetero acts, and the jerks, prudes or homophobes.

Reese williams

its funny when brit and santna joke about all that stuff, but actually seeing it and the scissoring reference.... unnecessary indeed.
i didnt see why it was a must :S


There is a word for people who think it is okay for a bunch of opposite sex couples to make out but freak when a same sex coupling shows some intimacy. The same word also can be used for those that think sexual innuendo or references for opposite sex couples is okay but not for same sex couples. The word is an obvious one. I guess the GLBT should just climb back in the closet or at the least make sure not to have an actual romantic moment.


I loved the Kurt/Rachel duet, only because, as one of the many (MANY) gay fans of the show, it was perfectly timed and connected to the huge issue with gay teens in America. Bravo, Glee!


I`m glad they treated santana/britanny like any other couple they had on the show (and even better, it`s the straight kiss that fades to black before we see anything... just a pet peeve, it pisses me off the fact that simulated hetero sex can get the same rating that one gay kiss does)


I'm head over heels for Quinn/Sam. They are so cute. Lucky was my fave song of the night but Mike/Tina were a close second. I couldn't really judge Kurt's mainly b/c it didn't sound like a duet. There was no change in accent, tone, intonation, anything.
It ranks 2nd. Only b/c we were introduced to Sam (who's super cute) and Sunshine (great voice) in the premiere.
The scissoring comment was kinda weird. It made me pause but to each their own.
P.S. Rachel is super annoying this season.


i loved river deep mountain high! although i agree that mentioning scissoring was a little too much, i don't like how people are criticizing brittany for sleeping with two different people in a short amount of time. remember, she was hurt, and besides, that's what puck does all the time!

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