The Rocky Horror Glee Show: A Review

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Confession time: I am unfamiliar with The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I've heard of it, I recognized a couple numbers from "The Rocky Horror Glee Show," but the prospect of an entire hour dedicated to a 35-year old movie struck me as a strange decision by a series that is nothing if not current.

That said... I LOVED this episode, and here's why: it incorporated fun songs into already-established storylines and gave a platform to different characters than usual.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Attire

The relationship between Will and Emma hasn't been featured much this season, but that changed this week, as the inspiration behind honoring Rocky Horror felt organic, like a natural (albeit moronic and self-centered) decision Will would make in the face of losing Emma to Carl.

Unlike the Britney-based trainwreck of a few weeks ago, nothing about this episode felt forced. Which is an impressive feat to pull off, considering how random it may have seemed to some viewers that every song was from a film that came out over three decades ago.

Even those unfamiliar with
the music, though, must have enjoyed the performances. Jayma Mays, for instance, was given her second solo - and she didn't just nail it, she likely caused a few broken jaws across the country from men's mouths dropping open so violently.

It was seriously hot stuff.

John Stamos also took full advantage of his character's audition for the play, as I was afraid my wife would leave me on the spot for him when he rocked out to "Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul." Her exact words: John Stamos... who knew? I love you. I totally understood.

Meanwhile, it was interesting that Sue's speech to Will about the dangers of Rocky Horror came during the same week that many critics took exception to the show allowing Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith to pose provocatively for GQ. Sue said it was wrong to put on this play because it wasn't the job of a school to give teens such an outlet to lewd behavior.

An odd parallel to criticisms of the pictorial, isn't it? No way the series somehow planned it that way... right?

Other thoughts on a solid, entertaining hour of television:

  • Becky as Sue for Halloween? Amazing. Give me some chocolate or I will cut you.
  • Finn's body wasn't bad at all. But compared to Sam shirtless, anyone would feel insecure. Move over, Taylor Lautner. Look at this guy!
  • I really wish we could see Brittany's peanut allergy costume.
  • Yes, that was Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf as the cable news reporters who convinced Sue to run her story. They both starred in the 1975 movie.
  • No Puck again this week, but don't worry. He'll return for the November 9 episode.

What did everyone else think?


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I am appalled that mercades was cast as Dr. Franknfurter. I did not think I could despise her more than I already did I was sadly proven wrong. Why would you cast a fat, black chick as Dr. F defeats the purpose if you ask me. Puck for pucks sake should have played the Dr. He is with out a doubt one of the sexiest men on television right now. I would have been unable to contain my glee if I had known he would be singing sweet transvestite.


Hmmm I don't think I like Will and Emma anymore. They were really cute in the first series but now it's just not working for me anymore...

Cheshana marshall

I despised Mercedes Jones' rendition of "Sweet Transvestite" - she bellowed are all lyrics. She's got the fat black girl complex where she feels she must sing at the top of her lungs with an imaginary choir behind her while strutting/jiggling her stuff. Give it a rest! She hides her weight behind her bombastic performances. She could have channeled Tim Curry's sultry Dr. Frank N. Furter very well, even if she's twice his size. I would have found it much more provocative and funny - why is the point of RHPS.


Another tribute episode, paying homage to the greatness that is The Rocky Horror Picture Show! It was good. I liked the episode because not every episode is going to be strictly storyline dictated completely. It's fun to watch fun episodes that are supposed to be a bit more fun and or different in my opinion.
On another note....
I don't get why they keep saying the Britney episode was a trainwreck or that it had nothing to do with the storyline. I know people will have their own opinions but that episode was really good. It introduced Carl, gave both Britney's (aks Heather Morris & Britney Spears) a much needed shout out. Plus it still went with the storyline showing Will mooning over Emma, Finn and Rachel trying to navigate their relationship, also Finn and Artie getting on the football team etc... so while it was a tribute episode for sure it still went with the storyline of the show.


@ohhey I don't think you're the only one.
I liked him the previous episode where he seemed humble and shy (with Quinn), made him much more endearing.
This episode was a totally different character, it threw me too. I hope he reverts back to being sweet and innocent, I preferred him that way (no other character on the show is like that so it was nice that he was different), but I doubt it'll happen.
I'm not a fangirl either so getting his kit off every 5 minutes won't satisfy me either.
Oh well, it makes a change from (like the other Glee members) just being transfixed by the size of his mouth his first episode.


i'm sorry, and I'm probably alone in my opinion but... I kind of don't like Sam and his character. He seems stupid and self-obsorbed. I don't know, I guess he's okay looking (not my type...except for that body ;))but his personality is a no for me...


I didn't LOVE this episode but I really enjoyed it. Wasn't keen on them censoring the lyrics of the songs (this is the show that referenced scissoring a couple of weeks ago!!), thought it was a bit unneccessary. Good fun though, although Kurt was underused (I love Chris when he does his dramatic stuff but they don't let him do as much comedy anymore, which he's also awesome at. He always renders me in hysterics when I watch 'U can't touch this' and he's not really matched that since).


I love Rocky Horror and Glee but I was a bit disappointed. I expected a bit more from this. It just seemed a bit wishy washy.
The songs were great though.
Kurt had no lines at all?? What was that about?
Why did they keep having Brittany sing single lines? Please Heather Morris, you're an amazing dancer and hilarious actress, but give up the singing.


to the reviewer-- just fyi: back in the 70's,if you hadn't seen RHPS you were called a 'virgin', lol. // really enjoyed the show cuz I took it for what it was: a h.s. glee club's take on the movie/show. loved the songs :)


I have to admit, i was not a big fan of this weeks show. Not because the acting/singing was bad, I even liked the part where the guys felt insecure about their bodies, but another tribute show without much story?? what happend to the the show that told a story and fitted in music instead of music and than tell a bit of a story around it?? Don't get me wrong, I love glee but please, stop with the tribute shows and move on with the story, not just a tiny part of it

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