House Review: "Unplanned Parenthood"

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Take a quality guest star and a healthy dose of House/Wilson interaction and you get a solid House episode such as "Unplanned Parenthood."

The installment featured Jennifer Grey as the Patient of the Week, as the actress proved she can do more than Dance with the Stars; she can Cry with the Best of Them. Her story wasn't especially captivating, but the actress was a welcome presence on the installment and the case allowed for more female doctor hijinks.

Playing Dad

That said, it's really too late to make me care about Taub. House is a show about House and occasionally Cuddy, with Wilson providing comic relief. I enjoy watching the man in charge toy with his underlings, but I'm past the point of being able to really care about their fate or their feelings.

Seriously, can anyone out there say they did more than shrug when Dr. Chen told Taub off to close the episode?

But I'll take all the House and Wilson conversations I can get. Forget Huddy. Hilton is the real couple on this show.

Their hushed back-and-forth as Wilson gave advice while climbing out the window in Rachel's room was priceless, as was the scene that depicted them sneaking Cuddy's daughter into the hospital without Mom finding out and the mere fact they were adding up their Chinese food order to determine what happened with Rachel.

For long-time viewers of the show, it's the little things that make an episode worthwhile. We pretty much know what we're gonna get on a weekly basis with House, so there's really no point in watching at this juncture unless you can appreciate this pair together. There's really no relationship like it on television.

Review our favorite House quotes from "Unplanned Parenthood" below:

Dr. Foreman: Where are you?
House: I believe this is what your people term a poopie call.
Dr. Foreman: Uh, the word's booty.
House: Well, I don't know what you're doing, but this is a poopie call. | permalink
House: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what? I know about the Jew, the black, and the Croc Hunter, but when did we get our Asian persuasion on?
Taub: Dr. Cheng is the NICU attending on the case, and she's not here.
House: Well, then I just wasted a perfectly good racial epithet. | permalink
House: Operation Valkyrie is now in effect. | permalink
Dr. Wilson: Cuddy will be home from work in six hours. But no big deal. I'll just scream, "Look over there," while you quickly shove a scope up her daughter's rectum.
House: I could offer to baby-sit again, let her have the night out.
Dr. Wilson: Sure. That won't raise any suspicions.
House: I wish I was nicer. | permalink


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hahaha this episode was hillarious! finally all caught up on House :)




I agree with Nathan. The interactions between House and Wilson are still interesting, but little else about the show is this year. The House/Cuddy relationship is actually kind of dull, and the other characters aren't being given much to do. I'll give it another chance next week, but not sure I'm going to stick with the whole season.


The thing about House's friendship with Wilson is that its the only relationship that the show can't do without. I think the other characters and relationships have been made so disposable by the writing that the show is weakened as a result. I love the House/Wilson scenes. They're pretty much the only scenes I look forward to these days, but at the same time it speaks to the quality of the rest of the show when only 2 characters out of a cast of maybe 6 aren't disposable.