Jersey Shore Review: "Gone, Baby, Gone"

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If nothing else, the Jersey Shore cast is authentic in its trashiness.

Last night's episode, fittingly titled "Gone, Baby, Gone," was the culmination of tension built up for the entire second season. Tension and rage directed at Angelina Pivarnick.

At times the voice of reason, at times her own worst enemy and always a bit of an outcast, Angelina packed her bags last night after one last violent throwdown with Snooki.

Throwing Down

Snooki and Angelina throw down. The Situation moves the coffee table.

In this battle of the guidettes, the winner was obvious. Physically, it didn't matter who won. The Situation and everyone else hates Angelina and wanted her gone. Snook wins.

We will definitely miss the drama wrought by Angelina this season, although it's probably for the greater good - at least in terms of hygiene and grammar - that the girl bailed.

Seriously, this is a dirty individual in every sense of the word. Not even Pauly or JWoww can escape it, and they are genuinely nice people beneath their ridiculous exteriors.

Some of last night's top Jersey Shore quotes after the jump ...

The Situation: I'll speak for everybody and you can get the f**k out. You left in Jersey, you might as well leave now. | permalink
Snooki: [her list of criteria for a man] Tanned; guido; juicehead gorilla; big sense of humor; likes to party; fist-pumps; frolics; isn't a jerkoff; a dork at heart; pays for meals; smells good; nympho; likes pickles; takes interest in my hobbies; very protective; not so serious; likes to sleep in. | permalink
Angelina: I think I f**king deserve to be in this house. I've been very respectful to a lot of people and I've let a lot of people step on me. F**k that, no more. If you want to say something, come in my face and we'll fight. | permalink
Vinny: This is Mike's wife. He's finally found one as crazy as him. | permalink
Angelina: These are not my true friends. I definitely feel I deserve better than this and I don't fit in here. | permalink
Pauly D: That's definitely a fake number. Who the hell would call Angelina after that? | permalink
The Situation: There are so many chances we have given this girl and at this point I've had enough. | permalink
Angelina: I got a boyfriend! My boyfriend is my world! I love my boyfriend! I'm moving in with my boyfriend! He fell in love with me, for me. | permalink
Pauly D: It's wake-up-the-whole-entire-house TIME! | permalink
Angelina: I want them to know I didn't leave because of them. I left on my own. | permalink
The Situation: How dare you speak to me like this? I'm the glue of this family! | permalink
Angelina: I don't give a f**k about anybody in this house. All of you's in this house are f**king fake. And I want you all to know that I can't stand any of you's. Fake motherf***kers, all of you. | permalink
Snooki: Hold my earrings. | permalink
Snooki: I think Angelina loves my sloppy seconds. She goes to Vinny and she's trying to go to what's-his-name. Like, what are you doing? If you want to make out with me, just ask. I will say yes. | permalink


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This show is garbage, and anyone who wastes their time watching it is either a moron or a low-life!


Your forgot when Pauly D made the horribly sexist comment about how Angelina "brings tons of people home. She's a girl, girls can't do that". I wanted to jump through the tv and rip his jugular out, the stupid man-whore.

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Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Hold my earrings.


I think Angelina loves my sloppy seconds. She goes to Vinny and she's trying to go to what's-his-name. Like, what are you doing? If you want to make out with me, just ask. I will say yes.