Lauren Cohan to Sink Teeth Into Damon on The Vampire Diaries

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Lauren Cohan, prepare to be hated by a large majority of Vampire Diaries viewers.

Much to the chagrin of Delena lovers everywhere, the actress has been cast in the key new role of Rose, a 500-year old vampire who comes to Mystic Falls and gets close to Damon.

The CW describes this character as a "tough girl" with a major edge, one with little humanity remaining after centuries as a blood sucker.

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How important of a character is Rose? She'll debut on the season's eighth episode. Its title? "Rose."

Cohan is best known for her role as Bela Talbot on Supernatural. She's also appeared on CSI: NY, Cold Case and Modern Family.

What do you think of this casting news?

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yeaa most diff i think damon need lots of love, i think he needs to get over elena, all damon wants is for someone to pick him for once i want him to find someone who well love and care about him just as much as he would care for them, deep down hes not a bad guy'he acts like it but its what he does and hes a great character and i hope everything goes great for him' in a way i kinda feel bad for him u know being the one that everyone hates, i just thing know one understands him.


Stupid show.Will something happen to the brothers?Not Elena?!!!


i love delena! no one should come in between them :(


Not a good idea, for Damon at least. When it comes to 'healthy' relationships, Damon may have a lot in common with this Rose girl...but I think he needs someone like Elena, who brings about his kind, caring side that has a better hold on things. Rose is too much like Damon which I think would make a relationship that's gonna blow up in the end. So my hope is that this Rose just makes Elena realize how important Damon is to her, and makes her jealous, so she'll let Damon back into her life.


I want Damon to be with Elena! I hope that this girl makes Elena jealous, and she will finally forgive him and let him back into her life. OR with all the fake fighting that is going on between stefan and Elena , maybe an idea will arise that Elena should be with damon as a way to distract Kathrine. And in the process of doing that Damon and Elena really fall in love with each other. A girl can dream.


ooooo yay!! they couldn't hav picked a beta actor 4 the role. i luved her in supernatural


i'm glad she and damon are lovers.damon deserves better than elena who keeps on saying she loves stefan.I was thinking about how old damon is and he's 25 and elena is 17.they are 8 years apart(not counting damon's vampire age)!


I want her to make Elena jealous and make Damon realize how much he needs Elena. I'm all for DamonElena end game. She is hopefull just a hurdle a la Pacey and Joey!


she's very pretty, its good Damon will have someone to be with for a while, im all for Delena but she is with stefan and Damon deserves someone too, someone that isn't lying or manipulative, not that Elena is, i hope it will be Damon and Elena in the end because Katherine said she was back for Stefan and i bet it will end up like this Stefan&Katherine Damon&Elena


I agree with people who've said Damon needs some love! Indeed he does and I'd like to see where they decide to take this character. She seems like she'll be similar to Damon but possibly a good foil in some way for him as well. I too am an avid Delena fan, but think it only appropriate that Damon find someone to care for him as well. What with Stephan and Elena so down right cozy haha I loved this actress as Bela on Supernatural. She had spice and I liked that so it'll be nice to see her again. Also, like someone else mentioned - this could be an interesting setup to get Elena a little jealous - even just a wee bit protective of the man she claims to hate?!

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