NCIS Spoilers: Team Member Will Be Shot!

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NCIS is off next week after last night's episode, but when it returns in November, it will do so with a vengeance in time for fall sweeps, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Around the middle of next month, a main character is going to have a nasty, potentially lethal run-in with a deadly weapon - a development that opens many other doors.

β€œThe shocking shooting opens a door to the past,” executive producer Shane Brennan says, β€œ[and] explains a relationship which has kept fans guessing for several seasons.”

NCIS Director Vance

How will NCIS Director Vance (Rocky Carroll) be involved in this story line?

The NCIS team member in question is either Tony, McGee, Vance or Ziva. It's one of those four, meaning Ducky, Abby and Gibbs are off the hook. But the rest is a mystery.

Who gets shot is very much unclear, but it's very likely that Vance and Eli David are heavily involved in the story line. Beyond that, your guesses are as good as ours.

On November 9, Robert Wagner returns as Tony Sr. The shooting (and its aftermath) serves as the centerpiece of a special two-part episode airing November 16-23.

UPDATE #1: We used "team member" in the same sense as "cast member," not meaning to imply that it isn't Vance (though it may not be). Apologies for the confusion.

UPDATE #2: As per Entertainment Weekly October 28, McGee is NOT the victim. That leaves Tony, Vance, and Ziva in the running. Also this is not a traditional shooting.

The person will be wounded not by a gun, but by an explosive weapon.

Sound off with your NCIS theories and comments below!

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Vance. I personally watch the show and Ziva is my favorite character. Do I want her to get hurt, not really. I would like to see her in lots of scenes, not lying in bed while everbody is pining over me. No Tony and Gibbs have already had hospitals and broken clavicles. I don't think we need repeats. I'd like to know Vances backstory.


Vance for sure no question. I thought Ziva getting shot would have been a good story. No Tony definitly. He is my comic relief. No Tony in a hospital is not a good fit. Maybe as a fat Elvis but definintly not Tony. McGee sure deserves some face time. He's the only male actor on the show that gets nothing. To be honest I hate the hospital stuff.


but it may end up being Vance. I hope it isn't Ziva. She as taken up the spotlight already so I think it is only fair for someone else to take it.


I'm kind of hoping it's Tony. I like Tony. I think it would be interesting to hear of his past and to see how the team reacts to him being in a hospital.


why doesnt anybody ever get hurt on ncis after all its a dangerous job more workers get hurt in the supermarket where i work than these agents


i think most of us want a hurt tony but i think it will be boring vance


I still want to see Tony get hurt. He hasn't really been badly hurt since SWAK - 6 seasons ago! I too am sick to death of Ziva. Ziva's life has been in peril and she has been badly hurt at least twice in the last couple of seasons. I like the idea of a Vance story, but don't see alot of emotional turmoil if he is the one who is injured. As for Tony's father being on the week before, I'm afraid that the writers will just use this as an excuse for us to watch Tony squirm and dress Ziva up in a dress so Tony can marvel at her beauty.


It's probably Vance because it would make sense with the past. I think Tony has already had a hospital scene and Gibbs so I don't think him. I would like to see Ziva because I love her character and any show about her and to see her father's reaction but I do hate hospital shows where everybody gets morbid. I do think McGee could use a story though too.


I'm pretty sure it's Vance. I don't think it's Tony either because he and Gibbs had quite a few storylines last year and his father is on the week before. I would have thought he would be on that show. I don't think it's Ziva because Ziva and Abby never get hurt. The women either get killed or they bounce back like nothing happened like Ziva did after being captured. It's def Vance


Please let it be Vance.I want to know how he and Ziva's father are connected. tkight Tony's girlfriend was named Jeanne
if you watch an episode in season 4 you will see her name on his cellphone before he answers it.

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