Nikita Review: "Resistance"

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Division knows no mercy.

The episode "Resistance" felt like an entire hour of holding my breath. I sincerely thought that Alex was getting so desperate to tell someone about what she was up to with Nikita that she was going to reveal to those pseudo kidnappers the whole truth. Although she did believe her life was in danger, I really didn’t expect Alex to kill someone.

A Calming Influence?

Meanwhile, Percy is a sick man to watch a young girl being electrocuted just to test Michael’s reaction. This week, we really felt the connection and chemistry between Alex and Michael. I believe he is quickly falling for her, and I believe he would put his life in jeopardy to save hers.

Of course, he now believes Nikita is dead, thanks to Percy. I’m glad Percy thinks Nikita and Owen are gone, as it will make it that much easier for both of them to sneak up on him, even if they did part ways this episode.

The heartfelt flashbacks returned again, and this time they didn’t end so well. I think Owen wished Nikita would have killed him because he now knows the pain she feels everyday for what he did to Daniel.

The flashbacks between Nikita and Alex were very informative, too. All Nikita wanted was to save that girl’s life, and make things right for just one person. I had previously thought Nikita had sought out Alex to turn her against Division, but in reality she sought her out to make sure she was okay, and to let her go to live a new, normal life.

This episode left me with many questions:

  • Is Alex more into Thom or Michael?
  • Will Nikita and Owen cross paths again?
  • When will Michael find out Nikita isn’t really dead?
  • What more will Amanda do to find out Alex’s secret. How extreme will it get?
  • What measures will Michael take to protect Alex?

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I don't see the Michael/Alex connection at all. If anything, him telling her that he "couldn't lose her too" this episode was a confirmation of his feelings for Nikita. It's like a father seeing a resemblance of his deceased wife in his daughter and feeling the need to protect her where he failed to before. It's obvious to Michael, and Division for that matter, that Alex and Nikita are very similar. Michael couldn't save/protect Nikita so he wants to do what he can now. Alex does not seem to have ANY romantic feelings for Michael, in fact, she doesn't even consider him in her time of day. It's all about Alex/Thom. I don't know if it's because I'm missing something or people are seeing it wrong but the whole Alex and Thom connection that is happening is meant to foreshadow that they are going to end up like Nikita and Michael. Thom will have to fight between his feelings for Alex and his duty/loyalty to Division. Alex will believe she can give up love for the greater purpose of avenging her parents/taking down Division.


I feel like Michael will end up with Nikita, and Thom with Alex. Luckily that's exactly what I want to happen!


AMAZING episode for what's becoming an amazing show


I want Michael to end up with Nikita! Michael is like thirty-ish(a really hot one.). The thought of him being with 16 year old Alex is kinda awkward. He has this pretty hot thing with Nikita and they'll make an interesting couple. He's more like a big brother to alex, like protective and all probably because she reminds him of Nikita. And alex and thom/Tom make a cute little pair, just what the show need in all the suspense and thrill!


Evan, You mean Vampire Diaries is the most ridiculous show. Nikita is the most consistent of the two, love the dark aspects and the acting is good enough.

Whipped by damon

I wish Devon Sawa was a regular, he is all grown up and very sexy these days!! ;)


Quite possibly the most ridiculous show on television.


The show was awesome last night. I just wonder who Michael will end up with, Nikita or Alex. I think he will end up with Nikita because I think that Tom and Alex have something going on. I can't wait to find out!! I love this new show!

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That's what Percy does. He destroys the thing you love, so he can get the thing he wants.


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