Nikita Review: "The Recruit"

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This episode of Nikita focused on Robbie, a recruit who had an awful past and actually saw Division as a blessing and a way of life; along with Sara, another recruit who was sent on a suicide mission.

Why in the world did they pick Sara to be a part of Division in the first place? Probably for the same reason Michael told Alex they picked her: “Because she’s an attractive white female." If not, it was for suicide missions such as the one featured on "The Recruit."

A Calming Influence?

Sara’s story really tugged at my heartstrings, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how naïve she was throughout the hour.

Still, this character did make a promise to her son that she would find him, and thought Division was the way. This was also the first episode of Nikita that left me in tears, due to Nikita’s reaction to Sara’s son having the same name as her murdered fiancé.

So Robbie turned on Alex in attempt to save his life. Guess it really is hard to know your friends from your enemy, eh, Alex? I truly felt a bond between Alex and Robbie, although I think Alex should stop looking for people to join her Divison-escapee group. Robbie’s now a cleaner.

Looks like we’re going to be getting some long-awaited Thom/Alex action next week!

On another note: Michael goes against Percy, thank the lord! By lying to Percy, Michael set Sara free, and hopefully one-by-one Nikita’s plan to shut down Division will succeed. Division finding out that Nikita is still alive is a win-lose situation. I’m glad Michael knows (not that he believed she was dead) - but now Percy knows as well and she is a target again. It's only a matter of time until Percy connects the dots that Owen is still alive, too.

All in all, this was a great episode of Nikita, as it delved into the lives of different recruits. They are all there for the same reason, but make do with what they’re given in a different way.

What did you think, TV Fanatics? What do you think Amanda will have Robbie do next?


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tati, I honestly think this whole love interest for Nikita will be fleeting. I'm about 100% sure they'll go deeper into the Michael/Nikita history over the course of this season and I'm just as positive they'll end up together in the end (which is how it should be. I'm sorry, but nothing else will do).


I dont think a lot of people realize how amazing this show is! Maggie Q..beautiful as always..and words lol but seriously i would love to see more from tom and alex...i absolutely adore that couple and i love the way thom cares for he would do anything for her..they should totally become an item..and please dont let them get killed because that would kinda ruin the show for me..they're the main reason why i watch it..oh yes and micheal:)
I also thought Robbie was absolutely genious! but im so sad he is mentally weak..he had such a strong presence and so much carisma..its sad to see they turned all that into evil..and made him a cleaner, he had so much potential!
but somehow its better that way because he was sorta hitting on alex..and im "talex?" all the way ! Can't wait for the next episode!


I'm good :] I knew that if they're going to put Robbie's character in the show and make his own drama, he will be used as assassin.


I'm really not liking that they are going to bring in a love interest for Nikita--she has a love interest--Michael. How are we going to thrive on the tension between them if she's going to be all ga-ga over another guy? :( This was a good episode--always nice to see Percy thwarted :P

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Alex: Nikita, this girl is worth saving.
Nikita: They are all, Alex.

You have an attachment to things from the past, or things that have passed on. It's ok to miss her, you know? Nikki was one in a million; a force of nature. Like a one woman Michael Bane movie, only with good acting.