Private Practice Review: "A Better Place to Be"

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“Your do-over is not with Betsey. It’s with Lucas.” - Coop, to Violet

The stunning Private Practice spoilers we passed along earlier this week prove that the medical drama is only going to become more grim as November sweeps near.

As we've frequently pointed out, however, this is not a show to shy away from dark stories in general. "A Better Place to Be" brought back a painful reminder of that.

Betsey returns to Oceanside. This is the same girl whose mother perished after a homemade meth lab explosion and whose father died in a car crash last season.

Violet's Big Move

How far will Violet go to help the daughter of a dear friend?

As if that weren't bad enough, her aunt says she can’t care for her anymore and bails. Just like that. Betsey actually asks, “Where am I going to sleep tonight?”

Violet offers to take Betsey in for awhile, a decision that may have clear long-lasting ramifications, but in the short term, goes well. She wants to stay for good.

This idea is taken very seriously by Violet, although Pete is hesitant for good reason, and Cooper knows there's more than a desire to help Betsey at work here.

It hurts, but Violet knows he's right about her motives.

The Betsey also situation brings up questions about children for Sam and Addison, and for Cooper and Charlotte, who wonder if they should take the poor girl in instead.

But when Violet comes out and asks if anyone would be willing to take Betsey, no one says a word. Nobody takes that plunge for her. It may be the saddest thing ever.

You can see how her heart aches as Violet turns Betsey over to a social worker, then tells her co-workers that they did a bad thing, all of them. No one can say a word.

Another depressing story for Betsey, but probably more realistic than if any of the docs had take her in. You wonder if this plot line is officially over, of if she'll be back.

The little girl has nothing, then had the prospect of a happy, stable environment presented before her for a brief moment, only to have it torn away once again. It hurts.

Regardless, it was well-acted and well-written, but painful to watch.

Addison: Voice of Reason?

Can Addison and Amelia save the day?

Speaking of which, Addison and Pete treat a pregnant woman who suffers from a painful condition that never shows up on any tests. What is causing the pain? Who knows?

Amelia. Derek's sister discerns that the woman’s pain comes from pressure on her brain. Pete is against doing surgery because of the risk, but Amelia and Addison want to.

Pete bonds with the woman’s husband, having fallen hard for a woman in his life as well only to endure impossible emotional situations. Luckily, the surgery is a success!

Sheldon offers to help a bullied boy named Kenny, and learns that the boy’s mom puts him in a new school at the first sign of trouble. She’s an overprotective single mom.

Kenny tries to commit suicide, leaving his mom a wreck. But Cooper and Sheldon convince her to let the little boy stay in one place, to try to handle things for himself.

It's hard for any of us to let go, but sometimes it's what we must do.

What did you think of last night's Private Practice? Do you like the new season so far? What are you most hoping for next? Discuss in the comments.


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Claudy, Betsey won't grow up with a hostile personality; she won't be withdrawn either. I know this to be true because Betsey is a fictional character on a television show. The actress who portrayed Betsey was paid to reprise the role. She did a job, got paid, and went home to her parents. Get a grip on reality. You're going overboard.


I am so could no one take her in?????? However, I am thinking that when Naomi gets back the :@#@#@# is gonna hit the fan...she was the one that was closest to Dell and I think she will step up....SOMEONE BETTER!


I will not watch this show again. It showed everything that's wrong with society today. Each couple in that show could have taken Betsy and shown her the love she needed. To show all 3 couples being so incredibly selfish was just the last straw for me. I love Violets character and think her reason was better than all the rest, but I am really disappointed that Pete was so against it. Dell was a wonderful person to all of them - TAKING care of Sam's daughter when he was killed. For Sam to turn his back on that little girl was wrong. I know this is just a fictionalized situation, but I want to watch programs that challenge us to be the BEST person we can be. Private Practice is NOT a show for me.


I was truly upset with the Betsy story line last night. I’m done! Why bring Betsy back if she wasn’t going to stay? Every character in the practice could afford to take care of her. None of the characters gave a good reason of why Betsy couldn’t stay?
If the characters on the practice could not come together and support an orphan child how can they support a rape victim?


I think it was amazing. I don't really know what else to say (still puffy eyed though) I love how Violet stood up to the mark...even though others contemplated it, but then didn't. and I love how they fitted pete's reason for not wanting to adopt betsy into his patients storyline...or the husbands. With the whole falling madly in love, then losing them kinda thing. It's understandable that Pete doesn't want to risk losing violet again so soon... I am kinda upset that sam was so selfish though - so what that he has a daughter and grand-daughter already!? they live with naomi!!! and he's only checking on them while she's away! It's ridiculous! but I loved Charlottes speech to coop about how things change and all that. I loved what they did with betsy and I hope they do bring her back, have had her fostered to come back to be adopted by vi&pete...or become a patient kinda thingyyy. ahaha...anyway, I thought it was awesome... It showed the struggles of real life, and I love that :)


omg says, 'wow. how could someone just abanadon her?... i mean, come on! that's not something that happens. ' sorry, but as someone who lived in children's homes, things like this do happen everyday. It made me sick and I wanted them to take her in. I know Dale would have done it for any of them, or would have tried. I understand that not everyone can do it, but some of the reasons were just plain selfishness, but that really is reality. Sadly, but true. My family situation was not good. My mom betrayed me and she has 5 sisters. Not one of them stepped in for me. Family means nothing except what people make of it. Some are good, some are not. I like that it was realistic. The chances of a person's coworkers, not matter how much they liked him, adopting someone's troubled child is very unlikely.


wow. how could someone just abanadon her? When Dell was dying, and everyone was like they'll do anything for him, but not his daughter? i mean WTF? couldn't they have been a big nicer about just shipping her off? and her aunt just coming and leaving her??? i mean, come on! that's not something that happens. this was the saddest episode ever, but i have to give shonda some credit. we expected for them to take betsey in, and they didn't. we've just changed our outlook on private practice all together. maybe shonda has this big grand plan that's gonna knock our socks off. we will just wait and see


i will say this; it's not always in the best interest of the child to be taken completely out of the situation. also, i know of a sweet little girl who was in foster care and was adopted by her foster parents. they are loving and made that choice of loving her waaaay before they even knew her. how? because they opened their home to foster care. i'm not too sure that it would have been good for betsy to live with people who's plan was to never have her. plus- look at meredith grey. not always a good idea to be raised by a doctor. lol =)


I right I hate the people of the practice. All of these characters are rich and successful and they can't even reach out and help a little girl who has lost everything. There friends and coworkers child for christs sake. They have indeed done a very bad thing...


I hate them all. Dell was thier friend and gave his life in service for others. How on earth would Betsy be better off in the foster care system? They know what happens to kids who slip through the cracks. She has lost her mother, her father and now the only people who are supposed to care about her abdandon her to the foster care system. She is an older child and the odds of her being adopted are slim. They are foolish, selfish, blacked-hearted idiots. WTH!

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Where am I going to sleep tonight?


Your do-over is not with Betsey. It's with Lucas.