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Sheldon and Cooper treat a kid who's being bullied at school. He tries to take his own life but the doctors actually encourage his mother to let him handle his own problems instead of being quite so overprotective.

Addison and Amelia treat a patient who is pregnant and feels pain, but does not know why. Amelia figures out it's because of pressure on her brain, and they operate to save her. Pete bonds with the husband.

Betsey returns to Oceanside and her aunt promptly abandons her there.

Violet wants to take her in but ultimately cannot. No one else volunteers.

Despite how happy she was with Violet, Betsey is off to foster care.

It's sad for Dell's daughter, who has already been through so much.

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U call this a recap? My word!
Shonda is bieng very mean.... Someone shouldve taken her in!!! Or that should have got her a foster home within d ep. Betsey will grow up to hate all her fathers colleauges... A child will remember it always!!


I was absolutely disappointed with this episode, namely the Betsy storyline. It was disgusting how the doctors treated Dell's daughter. Sam really upset me - he could acknowledge that Dell died in the course of taking care of Sam's child, but Sam was fine sending Betsy off to strangers, or worse yet, a facility for orphans. Peter's responses to Betsy's situation was also extremely upsetting to me. Violet could have done wonders for Betsy. Their scenes together were so touching. Violet was absolutely right - they did a terribe, awful thing by sending Betsy into the system. Dell would have never done that to Sam's daughter - EVER. I know this is just a show, but when you've watched the show since its inception, you become vested in the characters. I've lost all respect for all of them. They're a totally selfish bunch and I don't think I can watch the show anymore. I would have much rather they never bring Betsy back into the show. This storyline was a HUGE mistake.


I was so heartbroken by watching all these sucessful, wealthy doctors let their friends child go into foster care. I thought it was interesting that Addison was so eager to take away Violet's child but now that there is a child with no one she was nt interested. This show is becoming a little to Grey's Anonotmy for me. It was bad enough when they treated Violet the way they did now to talk abot how much they love Dell, and then send his Kid to foster care disgusting. I would like to see Addison get hers, not just for what she did to Violet but what she is doing this year to her "best friend" this season. She is a horrible, selfish person who only cares about herself.


I loved Private Practice. Mostly because of the touching stories and the human emotions they always show. But tonight after watching them dump Betsy after everything Dell did for them was disgusting. It makes me not want to watch the show anymore and just shows how selfish they really are. It really is turning into Grey's Anatomy.


Thank You!


I am not watching private pracice anymore after they dumped Dell's daughter into the system.


It's called The Shame by Alex Cornish


Ya I'm looking for it too!


Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew the ending song to this episode. I can't find it anywhere.

Private Practice Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Where am I going to sleep tonight?


Your do-over is not with Betsey. It's with Lucas.