Private Practice Review: "In Or Out"

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“How can someone this small have a tumor this big?”

A question like this seems to open most episodes of Private Practice, which often puts its parent series Grey's Anatomy to shame in terms of impossible medical cases.

By impossible, we don't mean unrealistic (although you could certainly argue it at times), but beyond the point where the patients or doctors can emotionally grasp.

Beautiful Addy

Addison butted heads with an attractive oncologist.

When Addison completes a delivery, she sees the baby isn’t crying. That's when she sees the tumor and knows that an operation will be necessary to save the poor little one.

There's just the matter of Dr. Rodriguez standing in the way. An oncologist, he believes chemotherapy is the best course of action. Addison thinks surgery is the only option.

In the impossible choice department, the baby's parents want to make the "safe" choice (chemo), but Sam argues that taking the risk offers the best route to a normal life.

Despite complications, Addison and Sam pull it off with flying colors.

The tumor is removed, the parents relieved, and Dr. Rodriguez impressed. So much so, he asks Addy out! She declines, but not before spilling her guts on relationships. TMI?

Later, Sam tells Addison she expects to get hurt in love and to stop always looking so far ahead. Sam says to trust her and that she will not get hurt this time. Swoon alert.

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Violet are evaluating prison inmates being considered for parole. Is this part of their job description ordinarily? It seems like a bit of a reach. Anyway.

Instead of trying to finagle his release as you'd expect, a prisoner named Lewis is fearful he'll be let out and asks Violet to lie to the parole board so that he can remain inside.

Violet's integrity won't let her do that, of course. Violet's compassion won't let him flounder on the outside, either. When he walks out of prison, she's there waiting for Lewis.

Not surprisingly, this bothers Pete enormously. Lewis killed someone.

Just the same, Violet does what she can to help him and gets him to believe it’s okay to live, even though he doesn't believe he deserves it after the heinous things he did.

Later, she learns what was really needling Pete. His mother is in jail, and his brother might be too. Violet's as surprised as we are, but Pete won't elaborate on it ... for now.

Amelia Shepherd Photo

Amelia really needs to get some.

When both Violet and Charlotte comment on Sheldon’s skills between the sheets, Amelia, who's going through a serious drought down there, straight up propositions Sheldon.

He says he'll consider it. Say what now?

While he often seems hapless, Sheldon's no fool. He's been down this road enough times to know a no-regrets lay for her and a broken heart for him is not a winning combo.

However, in a great scene, he tells Amelia that the door's open to get back to him it she's interested in something real, because he is, in fact, as good as the ladies say. Ha!

Finally ... Cue the weekly Cooplette knock-down, drag-out fight! Cooper wants kids. Charlotte does not. Naturally, this argument gets heated, but they table it on good terms.

They channel their frustrations into a mutually enjoyable activity: Sex. Hey, you can't go wrong. If only we weren't already fearing for poor Charlotte and what happens next.

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good epidsode. Every once in a while I get thinking that this show is going to go no where very fast. At the beggining of the third season I said "no way is there going to be a fourth season... there's just not that much material to work with." Now I'm in the fourth season and I'm like... how is there going to be a fifth season? Where was Naiomi this episode and the last? I miss her. I hope she's back next week. There are only so many females on the show to get pregnant to have a 'big' story arc around them. And I yelled at the TV when they just 'left' Betsy. At least set up a trust fund for her in the memory of Dell since they're so rich. The upcoming storyline for Charlotte looks interesting though. The whole Addison and Sam thing is just "okay, lets just get through this so that it's over and done and its just something in the past". Love the foreign guy. As soon as he opened his mouth I was like "I WANT HIM TO STAY!" Plus the whole episode last season 'War' where they were all on trial for Violet was so boring! I WANT MEDICAL STUFF. The episode for Betsy was probably the best episode this season so far writing-wise.


I'm getting tired of this show. The writers have gotten lazy. Half the show is dedicated to sex between the main characters. When there's nothing else to fill the time, the writers have one or two or three couples have sex. This show used to be about doctors and interesting cases with sex on the side. If I wanted to watch this kind of poorly written garbage, I'd DVR daytime soap operas. We, the viewers, cannot even get attached to the patients because they have such a minimal amount of air time compared to the amount of time the main characters spend in bed or on the floor or in the office. Really? Amelia is a ridiculous addition to the show. She's too juvenile to be a brain surgeon. She dresses like a teenager in high school and acts like a dog in heat. I know I'd never let a doctor in a baby tee operate on my brain. Her addition to the practice doesn't even make sense. Did she buy into the practice like the rest of them? They don't even have cases for her. What does she do all day? Maybe she could see some migraine patients or brain lesion cases instead of focusing on her overactive libido. Also, I'm getting tired of the incestuous relationships between the main characters. The show is more interesting when there is the introduction of an outside love interest. Charlotte and Cooper and a baby! PLEASE! When would they have time to raise it? The only thing they do when they're together is have sex. Their entire relationship is based on sex. With a baby in the picture, they'd find that they'd actually have to raise it and have conversations. WHOA! They are definitely not ready to have conversations that don't involve sex. Why did Sheldon take Violet to a prison? She's far too sympathetic and emotionally involved with her patients to go to a prison. The story was interesting, but I think Sheldon is too smart to make that type of decision. In fact, Sheldon was the most interesting character in the last episode. He's the only one who isn't ready to have sex with anything that's capable. I'm glad he shot down Amelia, the tramp. She needed to be put in her place. Come on Private Practice. Your show used to be good, but now it's just plain ridiculous. Writers, stop being lazy. Do some research and make the show more interesting to watch instead of just parroting the daytime soaps. You did it before, now do it again.


Finally some good Addison/Sam stuff!
I loved their scenes. And I think their chemistry is amazing! There was a lot of Violet in this episode. But I didn't mind because I actually enjoyed her case. And Amelia and Sheldon were fun. I liked the whole episode. Only Pete was annoying...


....Dr. Rodriguez......keep talking!:)......


Addison and Sam = no chemistry ugh..stop trying to .make Addisam happen!
Amelia = pointless character waste of air time...send her back to from whence she came!
Other than that liked it...Addy and hot Hispanic guy had some great chemistry.....loved Charlotte and Cooper!


Shoot, I liked the oncologist! And while I'm not afraid that Sam will hurt Addie, and am REALLY afraid that Addie will hurt Sam! After all, that's how it goes with Addie. Just look at her and Derek, and her and that SWAT guy. She started in end with both of them! (not to mention her and Sloan!)


I completely agree with you LED addison should have never shipped with sam because who does that to a best friend. I think for her character from greys to now she has consistently shown that friendships don't really matter to her i.e. sloan, naomi, the married man with the pregnant wife. I really need the writers to not try and make addison look like the good girl done wrong. But whatever. The episode on a whole was good though. I really liked violet and sheldon's storylines


Loved Addisam tonight!


I liked this episode. I love AddiSam and the shout out Shonda Rhimes and Steve Blackman gave to their fanbase in this episode. Sheldon is a character who has completely grown on me and his interactions with Amelia were both funny and touching. While I don't like Private Practice as much as I like Grey's, and I am STILL have trouble after last week's episode and the outright selfishness of all the characters concerning Del''s daughter Betsy, there is still so much I do like. A happy Addie in a good relationship with Sam is one of them. Great review!


Sheldon and Amelia had to be my favorite characters this week. They were just hilarious

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