Private Practice Review: "Short Cuts"

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Last night on the second episode of Private Practice's fourth season, Violet and Cooper decided to put recent clashes behind them in order to please their significant others.

This amplified the tension between Pete and Cooper, who also ended up fighting on a professional level, engaged in a heated argument over marijuana use by a patient.

Meanwhile, Addison is having second thoughts about telling the world about her new romance with Sam, something that is clearly not going to sit well with BFF Naomi.

Lovely Charlotte

How will Violet's relationship with Cooper change his situation with Charlotte?

Sheldon (new cast member Brian Benben) decides he will deny the approval for a patient’s sex change, a decision that comes back to haunt him before the end of the night.

As usual, the sex change case seemed hard to believe, and a bit melodramatic, but the acting was superb and tie-ins to the characters' personal drama were palpable.

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Yeah, so Addison and Sam are a couple. How's that going to play out? Should she tell Nae? Should they keep it on the DL for awhile? This could get ugly, we have a hunch.

Complicating matters on multiple fronts? Naomi proposes a merger of Oceanside and Pacific after breaking the sad news that her beloved William White has passed away.

Everyone is on board, which catches Naomi a little off guard.

Addison tells Amelia she’s with Sam. Amelia advises her to come clean. We'll see about that. Meanwhile, Pete and Charlotte are both upset with their significant others.

Cooper and Violet are spending a lot of time together, on the phone and in person. Awkward. Cooper walking in on Pete and Violet having sex on the sofa? More awkward.

Charlotte asks Sheldon to assess the stability of Jane, a patient who is a gender reassignment (sex change) candidate who believes her outside doesn’t match the inside.

When he balks, Charlotte wonders if Sheldon’s reluctance to help Jane has something to do with the fact that she chose Cooper over him. Fair question, but it doesn’t.

He just doesn't think she's ready, and Charlotte makes a personal, impassioned plea on her behalf. He is somewhat swayed by her humanity, but Jane gets desperate.

She tries to do the procedure herself. Only on Private Practice, people.

Charlotte and Sheldon rush her to the hospital and she pulls through. Sheldon assures Jane that he will help her, and shares a nice moment with Charlotte at the end.

Pete prescribed medical marijuana to Sydney (Justine Bateman) who gave it to her autistic son to control his fits. Cooper's upset that Pete’s patient gives his patient pot.

When the poor kid, Zack’s, fits become more intense, Sydney ends up giving him some weed she bought on the street. Unfortunately, this time it was laced with PCP.

Pete is upset about the role he played, and Cooper, his rival in a sense, assures his colleague that there was no way he could have foreseen how things would turn out.

Coop even vows to cut down Violet time in the future.

Finally, Addison musters the courage to tell Naomi about Sam. Naomi, having just lost William, kind of freaks out, and understandably so. But where do they go next?

Nae tells Addison she wants both her and Sam to back this merger - and to never talk about Sam. Ever. Considering the circumstances, Addison got off pretty easy.

Was it right for Addison to tell Naomi about Sam so close to William's death? Did you like the episode in general? Comment below with your thoughts ...


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The pot story line annoyed me. First, they present the cannabis as a prescription, which is inaccurate, state law requires a recommendation. Not only is the language different, it is a state ID card that can't be revoked easily. There would have been no reason for the mom to seek street drugs considering that there are doctors in california who exclusively make medical marijuana recommendations. Finding pot on the street laced with pcp is an urban drug myth, aside from the considerable cost burden on the part of the dealer, pcp severaly alters perception in a way hat cannabis never could, no one who has ever used cannabis could confuse the effect with pot, no matter how potent some medical strains can get. Children with autism being helped with pot are not isolated cases, there is growing support in the medical community as new research emerges. As for the "long term effects" that Cooper discusses, not a single one can be definitively linked to cannabis use. Shouldn't have expected much from a show that is both my guilty pleasure and my junk food, but I just hate to see misinformation broadcasted across the country.


where was Currie Graham in this? He's credited for this but only appears in the episode before this one.


Really need to know more about the song played in last nights episode (Australia) 'Take on Me' who sang it and where do I get it?


I still think, they should take Addison, Amelia and Charlotte to Seattle and I won't care what happens to the rest of the show....
Even though I like the Cooper-Violet dynamic as well, I find myself watching the show mainly for 3 characters, and that is just not enough!


Used to be a big fan of this show...but all the incestuous relationships, boring story lines and uninspired acting have left me wondering why I still bother. Will give it an episode or two more before turning off for good.


Who was the guy/girl playing the transvestite on this episode??


Where's the rest of the recap? I lost my ABC signal and didn't see the last 15 min.


Ehm, i wanted to say that admiting he was wrong was big for him.(like big adjustment)


@bump I agree and disagree with you about Cooper. I agree that he is probably affraid of growing up, or admit to himself he is already grown up. It probably scares him a lot. And when Violet got married it reminded him he is grown up(or has to grow up) even more, so that's why tried to hold on the old times so desperately.
But i disagree that he wouldn't have made the decission about Violet. I think it was mutual decision from them. Cooper came to her to give her back the key, and i believe he genuinely adjusted their behaviour was not ok.(although it was very hard decission for him to make- well growing up ain't easy, and Violet seems to do a bit better with it)And it looks to me like after she threw the drink into his face,Cooper was bit scared of Charlotte when he came back home before he told her he was wrong(which must be another hard thing for him to do, because this guy is not too good in apologizing, so admit he was wrong was bif for him) Uh, hope it makes sence.


@JPAQ, I think that the last song in the episode is called Bring Your Love, by Zach Chance BTW, why wasn't my previous comment complete??
Is it because I included a link?..
I think the singer who sang the slow version of
Take On Me is an Icelandic singer named Runar Eff.
Check the video on Youtube Hopefully my complete comment will now be approved !!

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